Why Does Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber Seem Heavy?

Think it or otherwise, lightsabers are really type of heavy.

Lightsabers contained a plasma blade, powered by a Kyber crystal, that was emitted from a generally metal hilt— equivalent to a hefty longsword handle.

A two-handed sword from middle ages times could evaluate anywhere between 5— 10 pounds (in between 3— 7 pounds for most swords) relying on the style/type.

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You would certainly believe the blade is essentially lightweight because of the plasma blade, yet any individual familiar with fencing/swordplay knows that the weight of the deal with and also blade, as well as hence the overall balance of the weapon, is critically vital while battling.

A sword that is as well blade-heavy is unwieldy; it is difficult to begin, quit, and alter the path of the blade as it’s swung, which is vital to defeating your challenger in a duel.

Conversely, a sword with too light of a blade (equivalently, also hefty a handle) is too very easy to swivel. it’s hard to «feel» where the blade is, and also hence to make the min modifications needed to block a strike or land one.

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For that reason, Kylo’s blade probably weighs in between 3— 7 pounds as well as is «completely» well balanced … As all things should be — oops, wrong universe.

Why is he swinging it like it’s truly heavy?

  1. Kylo’s battling design is aggressive & & not quite. is using a sloppy, unrefined variation of Type 1 Shii-.
  2. As you swing a Jedi-blade, you need to prevent swinging close to your body as it can cut through blast doors along with flesh— which we have actually seen a time or two. His saber likewise has both side vents (crossguards) to avoid the unsteady, broken Kyber crystal from overwhelming. Therefore, he needs to do broader, heavier swings to avoid incapacitating himself.

Kylo suches as to utilize effective, careless assaults to physically dominate his opponents.’s not curious about outliving his challenger as well as simply seeks a relentless forward movement when fighting.

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The factor it looks like it’s hefty is that it most likely is …

Attempt walking around a woodland, with a longsword in hand, boldy attacking any kind of adversary within swinging distance.

You’ll obtain winded too.

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