Why Do Special Forces Personnel Wear Their Wristwatches Upside Down?

There are a few reasons that special forces personnel wear their wristwatches inverted (or inside dealing with out).

Less Damage The Watch

Soldiers do a lot of work outside as well as reversing the watch can avoid unneeded damage to the watch face. Encountering points takes place typically— doors, wall surfaces, counters, deals with, and so on.

While functioning indoors, it’s smarter to turn it back to typical as they could scratch it against key-boards, submitting cabinets, boxes, or whatever else.

people pick to switch around their watch relying on the task available.

Greater Functional design

Maintaining your watch on the inside of your wrist places the time in your face multiple times each day. It’s somewhat abnormal to transform your wrist to inspect the time.

Purposely (or unconsciously) they come to be a lot more knowledgeable about the time.

And also, it’s much easier to examine the time utilizing minimal movements and without taking your hands off the rifle. Although, examining the moment should be the last thing you’re doing if you’re involving the adversary.


The luster from the sunshine showing off the watch might give away their setting.

Mud, jacket sleeves, scrim webs, or enjoy covers could do the job also, yet it’s much easier simply to transform the watch around.

Nonetheless, genuine drivers will certainly be using $400 Tacticool Handwear covers which cover the wristwatch anyhow. At the end of the day, soldiers put on a watch in whatever way they find the most comfy.

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