What’s The Weirdest Boss In Video Game History?

I ‘d like you to satisfy Fleischermacher …

The Psycho, -Looked At, Grocery Store Mobility Scooter Riding, Fat from Dead Increasing 3.

«I see the means youconsider me! But you know what? I’m tired of reduced carbs. I’m tired of celery! I’M STARVING!»

— Because of her scientific obesity, is constrained to a flexibility scooter, but her huge body mass and also her obsessive mania with food make a potentially dangerous hazard.

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She isn’t also delighted when you initially walk right into her restaurant. her eyes, there isn’t sufficient food to walk around in a zombie apocalypse.

A previous competitive eater, has profound sensations of entitlement as well as affliction.

She is provoked by the fact that she can not eat everything. Nonetheless, she will reveal you how much she CANISTER eat by scarfing down entire hamburgers with one bite. And after that barfing on you … yum!

One guy also attempted to «take» several of her food. She reacted by driving over to him and stabbing him to fatality with a huge spork. What a good woman!

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major assaults are:

  • Area Puke
  • Scooter Ram
  • Spork Throw
  • Spork Joust

You battle her in a buffet as well as after an above affordable quantity of damage, she at some point dies from acid indigestion and also choking on her very own puke!

This isn’t the only weird employer fight you’ll discover in Dead Increasing 3 either.


The shirtless-gimp cowboy with an interestingly designed flamethrower.

What’s The Weirdest Boss In Video Game History? image 3

The flamethrower not only fires however additionally eruptive projectiles.

Plus, he wants you to lick a lollipop as well as dance for him …

This person is simply ordinary weird. It appears a zombie apocalypse sure does draw out the unusual ones.

Lastly, Dermot

Apparently, he’s been training in his Mama’s cellar for many years to be better than.

Not just that, yet he intends to alter his name to «Kick.» Which seems a terrible great deal like …

‘s a nerd that should’ve gone out for a bit a lot more fresh air.

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