What Will Happen If You Eat Garlic Every Day?

Garlic is a plant that most people ate at least once in their life. Have you ever thought about the benefits of garlic for our health? If you’d know them, you’d eat this superfood every day!

Let’s look why garlic is so great for our health: 

1. May Make You Smell More Attractive 

Garlic makes men more attractive. In fact, it has always been thought that the smell of garlic discourages any desire to communicate but recent studies prove that this is not true.

It turns out that women are driven mad by the body smell of a man who had eaten garlic before the meeting. It is still difficult for scientists to explain this phenomenon. Perhaps the reason lies in the antimicrobial properties of the plant since they make the smell of sweat less strong.

2. Your Immune System May Become Stronger 

It’s a fact that garlic protects against viruses and colds. Now scientists have also confirmed that to avoid getting sick in the wintertime, you should consider eating garlic regularly.

This plant contains a lot of vitamins, beneficial oils, and amino acids. Allicin is also an organic compound that kills bacteria and fungi.

3. Blood Pressure May Stabilize 

If you often have high blood pressure, you should add garlic to your diet. It dilates blood vessels and can help lower blood pressure. Headaches and increased stress on the heart due to high blood pressure may also disappear.

In addition, garlic reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood by 10-15% and thus the risk of heart disease or stroke is almost halved.

4. Memory Can Improve 

According to one theory, the human body and brain are aging due to a chemical oxidation reaction. The skin becomes flabby, and the mind is not as sharp as before.

Antioxidants fight against excessive oxidation and help us maintain youth and health.

5. Teeth May Stop Aching 

Garlic is beneficial for the teeth due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It kills harmful microbes that cause deposits and can help heal sore gums. Garlic can also reduce the risk of tooth decay.

But if you have any gum or tooth disease, it doesn’t mean that you can rely on self-medication and cure your disease only with garlic. Consider dental implants and consult your dentist.   

6. Skin & Hair Can Improve 

  • Hair: Garlic can help you grow longer, healthier hair and even treat focal alopecia. To achieve this effect you should apply it to the scalp. Fortunately, cosmetics manufacturers have learned how to make odorless garlic oil for the hair.
  • Skin: Fibroblasts (cells that are responsible for skin regeneration) react positively to garlic. Eating 2 cloves of garlic per day is enough to stabilize the production of natural collagen and elastin.
  • Sun Protection: Garlic contains a few natural chemicals that protect against photoaging. Helping to protect you from the sun’s rays.

7. You May Lose Weight 

Ajoene, an organic compound found in garlic, activates special enzymes in the blood and can help destroy fat deposits. Perhaps medicines for weight loss will soon be made from garlic, as garlic blocks weight gain in the case of an unbalanced diet. 

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