What To Eat To Get Your Best Body – A Weekly Meal Plan!

Maintaining a proper and healthy diet is essential for a healthy body and mind. If you want to get your best body, you will definitely need to change your lifestyle and adopt a diet that has low fats and carbs, with high proteins and minerals.

Staying a healthy weight is very important because extra weight can cause a lot of medical issues for people.

If you don’t keep your weight in check, it can lead to obesity, which is a very serious problem. Obesity can cause serious diseases like joint pain, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Unfortunately, obesity has increased in the United States, as about 39% of adults in America are clinically obese.

Shedding some pounds and losing weight to get the best body possible has a lot of advantages. Not only does it allow you to be more active and live a healthy life, but it is also great for your self-confidence.

To lose weight, or to get a fit body, you will need to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. Today I am going to tell you about an amazing diet plan you should follow. If you follow this plan even for a single week, you will note some impressive results. Check the diet plan out below and follow it to feel and look better.


Breakfast: Oatmeal with a handful of blueberries and nuts makes the perfect breakfast for a person trying to lose weight. Blueberries have a lot of amazing antioxidants that can aid digestion and help you in losing weight.

Lunch: On Monday you can make yourself an amazing sandwich with some lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and shredded chicken. Try to use gluten-free brown bread to make your sandwich. You can make some sautéed vegetables as a side with your delicious sandwich. You should invest in non-stick cookware to make some sautéed vegetables; a good set of non-stick cookware will help you a lot on your self-improvement journey.

Dinner: You should have a serving of grilled salmon for dinner. Fish is an important part of a weight-loss diet because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are an essential nutrient for the body.

Snacks: You can have pickled vegetables with hummus as a light snack.


Breakfast: A great option for breakfast when you are on a diet is some Avocado egg toast. Avocados are really good for weight loss, so try to add them to your diet frequently.

Lunch: If you want to get your best body, you will need to have some proteins. Make a grilled chicken salad for lunch. Use lean parts of the chicken like the breast pieces.

Dinner: Tomato and vegetable soup is a great meal for dinner. This is a light dinner that is great for losing weight

Snacks: A small bowl of blueberries and a handful of almonds can make a great snack


Breakfast: Oatmeal is one of the best options for breakfast when you are on a diet. It is full of fiber, and you can add some chopped fruits to it to make your oatmeal super delicious and more nutritious. Make yourself a bowl of oatmeal with some chopped bananas and dates for breakfast.

Lunch: Make use of the leftover food, you can have some leftover soup with a vegetable salad for lunch.

Dinner: Lean proteins are a very important element of a weight loss and body toning diet. Grilled chicken breasts are an amazing meal that can be very delicious and healthy for you. You can marinate the chicken in some olive oil, and herbs to add a lot of flavor to it and avoid making dry grilled chicken.

Snacks: How about some dried apricots and cashew nuts for a delicious and mineral-rich snack?


Breakfast: Smoothies are perfect as a breakfast when you are watching your weight, they are super delicious and you can get a lot of nutrients from them while remaining low in calories.

You can start your day with a nutritious pineapple and a mixed green smoothie. All you have to do is blend a ripe banana and some spinach with some pieces of pineapple. You can add low-fat Greek yogurt or low-fat milk to the smoothie to make it tastier.

Lunch: Make a vegetable salad for lunch. Add some greens, low-fat feta cheese, some sliced cherry tomatoes, and sliced boiled eggs to a bowl and mix it up for a delicious and nutritious salad that is very low in calories.

Dinner: You should try to make your diet exciting and add a variety of flavors to it. A great option for a unique dinner is shrimp tacos. Make sure to grill the shrimp instead of frying it and limit the use of extra oil and or dinner. You can also make some pineapple and avocado salad as a side for the delicious tacos. You should grill the shrimp instead of frying it to minimize the uses of extra fats.

Snacks: Eat some fruit like a peach and a couple of walnuts as a light snack


Breakfast: get a box of high fiber breakfast cereal from the store for breakfast. You can also boil an egg or have a cup of unsweetened black coffee.

Lunch: For lunch, you should build yourself an amazing vegetable salad with some spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes and low-fat cheese.

Dinner: You should get eat some protein on Friday as it is essential for a healthy diet. You can cook a serving of some delicious flank steak with some sautéed veggies for dinner. Use a lean cut of meat and limit the use of oil and fats as much as possible.

Snacks: A sugar-free granola bar is perfect for a light and healthy snack


Breakfast: Make yourself an amazing breakfast by adding some chopped fruit and maple granola to a cup of low-fat Greek yogurt.

Lunch: For lunch, you can make delicious homemade mushroom soup. You can also have a side of baked potato or tuna salad for an amazing lunch

Dinner: A serving of grilled chicken with a side of some healthy and fresh greens for dinner.

Snacks: Baby carrots and chopped cucumbers as a snack!


Breakfast: Make yourself a delicious fruit smoothie using low-fat milk or yogurt

Lunch: Make an amazing salad with some greens and roasted chickpeas. You should also add some shredded chicken to the salad to make it more delicious and nutritious.

Dinner: On Sunday you can have a little cheat meal if you have been on a diet for a while, how about you bake an amazing mushroom, pesto and sausage pizza for dinner.

Snacks: Chopped and pickled veggies with hummus.

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This post is written by Line Arias who has been working as a nutritionist for ten years now. She recently collaborated with health and fitness spa, NYC, and since then, she has been working on weight loss’ meal prep plans.



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