What Happens If You Eat Silica Gel? Is It Dangerous?

Silica gel typically is available in those little packets that are marked’ Not Consume.’ They can be found inside beef jerky packages, brand-new backpacks, or a shoebox. Are they actually hazardous to eat? What’s the most awful that can take place?

Silica gel packets are typically placed with/inside products that wouldn’t benefit from having excess moisture in them. They absorb approximately 40% of their weight in moisture and also reduce the overall humidity of the container they remain in.

It might not appear to hazardous, but what does it do to your body?

How Harmful Is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is nearly harmless outside of the body, which is it’s made use of with the items you acquire. Silica is the same material located in Quartz, as well as it’s basically permeable sand.

Eating one packet might not kill you, however the negative effects that come with that a person packet aren’t worth it. As quickly as you empty the packet into your mouth, the moisture is soaked up from every component of your mouth and also tongue. If there is still moisture left in your throat, that will be soaked up as you swallow.

Everything will certainly feel incredibly dry, and also from there you may deal with completely dry eyes, sore throat, and also an upset stomach.

Exactly how swiftly you recover relies on how much you eat, as well as a see to your doctor most definitely would not injure.

You shouldn’t attempt to consume silica gel. There isn’t really a reason you would ever need to.

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