What Are Common Beginner Mistakes With Content Marketing?

Beginners make mistakes, and the only way to improve is to learn from those mistakes. However, there are a few common mistakes you can prevent before they happen.

1. Content Marketing = Advertising

One of the most common mistakes is thinking that content marketing is advertising. Of course, you can talk about your product, service, or brand, but many companies create content that is full of sales buzzwords and poorly disguised pitches.

The best content marketing campaigns should provide great value to the user with zero strings attached. It’s better to share your experiences, research results/case studies, or other ways to use your product instead of copywriting dedicated to why they should buy it.

Content marketing isn’t a temporary campaign – it’s a marathon of content creation that takes time, patience, and proper execution.

2. Sky High Expectations

Doing content marketing the right way leads to increased website traffic, greater leads generated, and more positive upsides. The downside? It’s going to take a great content promotion strategy and time.

Creating the best content available is only part of your future success story and that’s if you can keep up your efforts.

Beginners normally want to see amazing results in the shortest amount of time possible. They get frustrated if their viewers, visitors, and subscriber amounts aren’t growing like the content-creating veteran they learned from. Again, content marketing takes time and results take even longer.

3. Doing Everything Right Now

Posting content across every possible social channel, near the same time, every day can lead to failure or a burnout. Spreading yourself thin with blog posts, tweets, guest posts, email marketing, and other methods sounds great in theory, but you’ll just get tired of it.

Never bite off more than you can chew.

At first, select one (or possibly two) channels to post valuable content to. For example, a blog and Pinterest or YouTube and Twitter. Then, focus on improving the content’s quality and how you can distribute it accordingly. The more content you create, the more you’ll get used to it, and over time you’ll be able to expand your activities.

4. Poor Distribution

Distributing accordingly is difficult for both beginners as well as experts. Everyone is always looking for a better way to reach their target audience.

A place where you can publish your content so it makes enough noise to be recognized, not too much to be annoying, and not too little to disappear into the deep depths of Internet waters.

If you care about your works, the distribution should be as important to you as content creation. Find out what distribution strategy works best for your content and your brand and don’t stop/move on until you’ve mastered it.

5. No Plan. No Goals. No Strategy.

People who have just started with content marketing rarely have a strategy in place. They know they should “post more” but don’t have specified goals or a list of what they want to achieve with their work.

Putting a plan and goals in place makes it much easier to measure the success of your content marketing activities. It can bring spectacular results, but it doesn’t happen immediately. A roadmap can help you navigate all the different stages of your content creation strategy and measure its effectiveness in the future.

6. Zero Audience Knowledge

Who is your target audience? What are they doing? What are their interests? What can you offer them?

A well-executed content marketing strategy needs to identify the people they are trying to reach – all the way down to what they wear and how they talk. Without specifying the target group, it will be difficult to deliver valuable content or tell a story that interests them.

7. Giving Up

As I mentioned a few times in this article, the effects of content marketing are not immediate and the amount of effort exerted will be high. They require long-term patience for massive profitability.

Many people become discouraged after their first attempt at writing a blog post doesn’t go viral and reach everyone on the Internet. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I remember my first published article like it was yesterday. A few hours of work for 13 readers. Oh, how times have changed.


No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. The goal is to get the most out of available, valuable knowledge to avoid possible problems and get past current ones.

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help, input, or their opinion on your content. If you’re not sure about something or wondering how you can efficiently plan your work, ask someone who is experienced. The

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