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Legend has actually led generations of explorers to the supernatural frontier known as Aeternum. in an effective compound referred to as Azoth, which several think to be the resource of eternal life, Aeternum has actually bid both the pure of heart as well as the worthless to its shores.

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These intrepid people are harried at every turn by an evil-minded force, humanoid animals distorted and turned by a deadly element known as the Corruption. The Corruption, as its name recommends, damages life it enters contact with to differing levels, based on exposure and also the constitution of the host. Some are left as bestial husks, while others are elevated to power unbelievable.

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When not encountering down the Corrupted, travelers are beset upon by competing business of humans who are equally as excited to conquer as well as exploit Aeternum. Life in World is an extreme contest of survival, and only the endure and cunning can hope to fight back the spreading darkness.

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