Should You Take Part In A Clinical Trial?

How do clinical trials help our community, and should you take part in a clinical trial? Learn more below…

A paid medical trial is a research program led with patients to assess a new medical treatment, drug, or device. The reason for the clinical trials is to find brand new methods of treating, preventing, screening for, and diagnosing different diseases. Clinical trials make new scientific and technological advances available to patients.

During a paid medical trial, doctors use the best available treatment as a standard to evaluate new treatments. The new treatments are hoped to be at least as effective as current treatments. Read on to find out more about clinical trials.

Ask Lots Of Questions

Never be scared to ask about any queries you may have and write any questions down to remind you. Bring someone along that you trust to your meeting with your healthcare professionals but speak to them before and tell them what it is that you would like to know so they can support you if you start to have trouble.

You don’t get if you don’t ask. Even if something isn’t offered, ask why it isn’t offered. Being able to consider everything about your disease or health problem and possible treatments is fundamental to making an educated decision.


Educational Institutes

If you live near a teaching hospital then this is the perfect place to make an initial inquiry. Alternatively, you could even look into trials at your university. You might also come across post-grads and researchers looking for people to help with carrying out low-risk research in exchange for various rewards.

Take Your Time To Make A Decision

If you are given a spot on a trial don’t hastily make the important decision about taking part in the medical trial until you have all the required information you need. Take some time to discuss it all with your family and friends as well as healthcare professionals; there should be a research nurse you can talk things through with or you can talk with Cancer Research UK’s nurses on Freephone. It must be your own decision but the nurses can help you with the positives and negatives to help you decide.


You Might Not Earn More For Risky Work

A really important thing to remember is that you won’t essentially be paid more to test a type of drug that is seen to involve more of a risk. Payment is usually sorted out by the length of time spent on the trial and how many days you showed up, how much time you spend taking part, and the length of the trial, as opposed to the kind of test or drugs involved. The might also debate whether to give you an allowance to cover your travel to and from test centers.

Don’t Be Put Off By Paperwork

Make sure you bring all of your paperwork home, read it all and write down any points you may need to be explained to you when you return to the hospital. You will be asked to sign the paperwork if you decide to take part but remember you can stop the treatment at any time if you change your mind.

Keep A Diary

Your trial helpers will want to know every single detail of how you have been feeling each time you visit the hospital and it is way easier to recall how you have been if you write them down. Don’t forget, they need to find out about all of the treatment you are taking, which helps with your own care as well as those who come after you.

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