Saturated Fats AREN’T Bad For You

You’ve probably heard it before, “fat is bad for you” or “fat makes you fat” and both statements would be wrong. Learn more about why saturated fats aren’t bad for you…

Saturated fat DOES NOT lead to obesity and heart disease.

The idea that saturated fat leads to heart disease was perpetuated in 1978 by a study that omitted more than half the data to support the newfound “findings.”

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Plus, the government had been paying this lead researcher $200,000/year to put together information that suited their cause.

Saturated Fats AREN'T Bad For You

The truth?

Your brain and nerves are made largely of fat and cholesterol. Without fats in our cell membranes, life as we know it wouldn’t even be possible, and neither would the signaling that occurs between the cells that make up our body.

This has been known for decades as a medical fact, yet many people are still peddling the false information that was embedded years ago.

A hundred years ago, everyone cooked with animal fats like lard (and tallow), and heart attacks were unheard of.

Obesity was also rare.

Now that everything is coated in vegetable & seed oils, children are obese and people are having heart attacks in their 40’s and 50’s.

In the end, dropping saturated fats from your diet isn’t going to help you.

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