Q&A With Chief Health: Sleep Advice And Healthy Food Choices

This Q&A contains questions like: What foods are good at cutting weight? How do I wake up feeling rested? Why should we eat fruits daily? and more…

Why, after sleep, are we not supposed to get up suddenly?

Actually, there isn’t anything wrong with getting up suddenly.

However, here are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t throw yourself out of bed in 5-seconds flat.

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  • Possible motor skill impairment due to drowsiness.
  • Dizziness or light-headedness can occur if you aren’t properly hydrated or your blood pressure drops when you stand.

If you don’t experience any of those symptoms, keep getting up as quickly as you’d like and jump into your morning routine.

Here are some healthy habits you can add to your mornings: 10 Things To Add To Your Morning Routine

What foods are good at cutting weight?

Step 1: Make sure you are in a calorie deficit.

Step 2: Choose foods that offer essential nutrients to help build lean muscle and keep you full longer.

Here are some foods that offer great nutrient profiles: Broccoli, carrots, chicken, celery, avocados, blueberries, tomatoes, bananas, fish (salmon, tuna, etc), and more…

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Why do I always crave milk right before going to bed?

One cup of milk (250ml) contains 12-13 grams a the natural sugar called lactose. Craving milk before bed might actually be your body craving sugar but not as much sugar found in a soda or candy bar.

Another option is you might not be getting enough calcium or vitamin D. Do you crave it on the days when you don’t get as much sun as normal? Do you work indoors or in a cold climate? It could be vitamin D.

The last option would be that you’re not getting enough healthy fats in your diet. Your body is moving you towards the easiest, most-available source.

Milk offers numerous health benefits so you could give in to the craving every so often. Plus, milk may help you get and stay sleeping.

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Sleep Advice And Healthy Food Choices

How do I make my stomach stop growling when I wake up in the morning?

Short and sweet: Grab yourself a filling, energizing snack, drink 16oz of water, and start your day!

Links to energizing snacks and a good morning routine.

How can I wake up feeling rested and have energy in the morning?

Getting the recommended amount of sleep would be the most common answer, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Oftentimes, feeling well-rested and energetic in the mornings is hard to do because it is a combination of your mind and your body.

Increase Energy In The Morning

From: Start Your Day With Healthy Morning Habits – 10 Things To Add To Your Morning Routine

  1. Hydrate: One of the best things you can do as soon as you wake up is to drink at least 16oz of water. It hydrates you, jumpstarts your metabolism, flushes out toxins, provides brain fuel, and can even cut calorie consumption. Do your best to drink your two glasses of water every morning.
  2. No Phone: Checking your phone first thing in the morning (especially while still in bed) can hijack your morning routine and bring you an unhappy mood. Leave your phone out of reach on your dresser or in another room. This can help you from just hitting “SNOOZE” every five minutes.
  3. Stretch: Take five to ten minutes to stretch each morning to help increase your blood flow, flexibility, and range of motion of muscles and joints. Doing this simple action can reduce the risk of injury and help decrease muscle and joint soreness.
  4. Music: Music you enjoy can naturally release dopamine, which can increase your mood (but may decrease focus!).
  5. Sunlight: The bodies natural sleep-wake cycle is contingent on sunlight, so be sure to expose yourself to a decent amount of daylight. Natural daylight can help keep your circadian rhythm in check. Try not to dim the lights inside your living or work area during the day, or keep lights extremely bright during the night.

Eating the right food in the morning can help too: 12 Best Foods For Energy

None of this help? Having a purpose in life may help you sleep better and increase the energy you have: Want Better Sleep? Try This Simple Tip.

Is staying up late at night on your phone really that bad for you?

Poor sleep (and definitely nights of no sleep) can have serious effects on your health if it becomes a common habit.

Researchers at Washington University in Saint Louis found that after just one night of poor sleep proteins associated with Alzheimer’s were elevated. Those who chronically struggle with sleep (or stay up on their phones) may increase their risk for brain degenerative diseases.

See: One Night Of Poor Sleep Can Do This To Your Brain

Staying on your phone all night in a dark room can increase strain on your eyes. Blue light doesn’t get filtered out by the cornea or the lens, so it shoots to the back of the eyes. Some experts think it might be damaging the retina and leading to conditions like macular degeneration, although there isn’t any research to back these concerns.

Blue light does, however, suppress melatonin – a hormone that helps the body maintain healthy circadian rhythms. This can make it harder to fall and stay asleep, which can have long-term consequences.

See: Blue Light From Your Phone May Be Hurting Your Eyes (And What To Do)

TL;DR Staying up on your phone all night is unhealthy.

Why should we eat fruits daily?

Most fruits are low in calories, fat, and sodium – plus, they are full of dietary fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, and more!

Fruits can help reduce digestive issues, combat illness, protect against certain cancers and heart disease, prevent cramps, lower blood pressure, and the list goes on.

You certainly don’t have to eat fruits daily, but you’d be missing out on such amazing potential benefits and delicious flavor.

See: Importance Of Fruit In Your Diet

Sleep Advice And Healthy Food Choices

How can you treat insomnia with essential oils?

One of the most common essential oil used for insomnia is Lavender. Other oils such as, Rosemary, Ginger, or Mandarin, can also be used to calm you down for the night.

A complete guide can be found here: Aromatherapy

How do I curb hunger if there is nothing around to eat?

A quick way to put off your hunger a little bit longer is to drink one or two glasses of water. The first couple sips will make your stomach feel completely empty, but you will start to feel better after the first glass. Plus, water can help eliminate false hunger: 5 Health Benefits Of Water

A second option would be to get some exercise. In numerous studies, exercise was found to help suppress appetite. If you don’t have the time or ability to workout, find something to distract you for the time being. A game app on your phone or a task that requires your full attention may aid in curbing your hunger.

Does it really make a significant difference if you drink the daily amount of water recommended by doctors as opposed to just drinking anything else (juice, milk)?

In short, yes.

Drinking the recommended amount of water (or more) every day helps prevent cramps and headaches, boosts immune function and skin complexion, and helps elimates toxins in the body. However, these benefits come mostly from plain water and fruits/vegetables with a high water content.

More about the Benefits of Drinking Water: 5 Health Benefits Of Water

Drinking milk will get you some of the water your body requires, but dairy surely isn’t going to offer clearer skin.

Juice is oftentimes just as bad as soda when it comes to sugar. You might get a little water, but the juice won’t help clear skin, prevent cramps, or reduce the chance for a headache. Plus, the inflammatory effects of sugar can worsen immune function.

Healthy Water Alternatives: 11 Healthiest Drinks Other Than Water

Every cell is affected when you don’t get enough water, so drinking the right amount is essential for healthy living. Drink your water and enjoy your juice/milk/etc. at the same time.

Also, the recommended amount is also not 64oz anymore. Take half of your body weight, and for every pound, you drink one ounce of water. eg. Weight: 200 (200*0.5) = 100oz of water

What type of diet sheds fat but builds abs?

Technically, no diet will build your abs, but the right diet combined with proper weight training and exercise can shed fat while building abs!

Typically, any diet that can create a calorie deficit can help you lose weight (eat fewer calories than your body burns in a day). There are certain foods that are great for building lean muscle (such as your abdomen), such as avocados, fish, chicken, sweet potatoes and more.

A complete guide to weight loss: Do’s And Don’ts Of Weight Loss

This is a quick list of a couple good proteins, carbs, and fats when trying to get your beach body six pack: 15 Foods To Eat For Six Pack Abs

Try replacing unhealthy foods found in boxes, packages, and cans with clean, whole foods such as these: 24 Healthiest Foods On Earth

Sleep Advice And Healthy Food Choices

How are chips bad for your health?

Chips are typically high in fat, sodium, and calories, which can raise the risk of weight gain and obesity. The leading chip brands sometimes add an ingredient, called monosodium glutamate, that increases appetite while also making the food taste better.

The oil used to fry the chips may also increase inflammation in the body – leading to other health issues.

Learn about more unhealthy foods here: 52 Unhealthiest Foods On The Planet

What are some foods with empty calories?

A short list: beer, white bread, candy, sugary drinks, pastries, chewing gum, cool whip, & more.

This list contains more empty calorie and unhealthy foods: 52 Unhealthiest Foods On The Planet

Do Long-Term Diets Work?

Diets generally do not work long term due to their required dedication. A lifestyle change, however, works much better. Focus on changing specific parts of your daily eating habits. For example, try switching to healthy, whole foods instead of pre-packaged snacks or meals.

An A-Z lifestyle guide can be found here: The ABCs Of A Healthy Life

What is the best time to eat oranges?

Any time! Oranges offer great health benefits and can be enjoyed whenever you’d like. There are certain situations, however, when oranges might not be the best option.

Working out: Refrain from eating oranges 30 minutes before and during a workout. This might disturb your stomach.

Bedtime: A single orange shouldn’t keep you up at night, but if you are sugar sensitive it probably isn’t the ideal choice.

Oranges are perfect for an early morning or afternoon snack. They can even protect your brain: Cut Your Risk Of Dementia By 23 Percent


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