PMS & Cramps Are Common But They Aren’t Normal

Cramps Are Common But Not Normal

Over 5000 women were polled and asked if they thought PMS and cramping were NORMAL.

86% reported that it was normal, and some even said things like, “they are essential because they are god’s punishment for Eve’s sin in the garden.”

Others said that they are god’s way of helping our uteri to practice for labor.

However, none of those are true.

PMS and cramping are incredibly common. 80% of women reported significant and life-disrupting PMS and cramping to their Doctors last year, but being very common does not make something normal.

420 million people have diabetes. We don’t say that is normal. We treat it.

When we tell women that PMS and cramping are normal, we are telling them that is acceptable for them to suffer every single month – their options consist of suffering silently or not asking for help.

Menstrual cramping is the single biggest cause of school absenteeism and school attendance is among the most important factors predicting high school graduation.

Plus, 3–5% of women have PMS so bad (aka PMDD) that it causes them to attempt suicide at least once.

PMS and cramping are not normal. In fact, they are signs that a woman’s body is not functioning optimally. With the appropriate interventions, most women can be PMS and cramp-free.

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