Physical Therapy Isn’t Only For Injuries: Sports Rehabilitation VS. Basic Recovery

Most people when they hear about physical therapy tend to think it’s only for disabled individuals or people who are injured. This preconceived notion dates back to nearly an entire century when physical therapy was first introduced in the United States and used as an effective treatment for polio.

It wasn’t until the mid-20th century when physical therapy began to gravitate toward hospitals and outpatient care facilities – as well as nursing units and a variety of other medical centers.

Physical therapy isn’t just for the disabled, injured, or ill. There are been many recent advancements and physical therapy has developed at an alarming rate – extending beyond traditional practices.

Still, there are many people who lack knowledge of physical therapy and are unaware of the benefits it offers – helping them to better their overall health and wellness and maintain healthier lives.

What Type Of Therapy Should You Expect?

Physical therapy is efficient for a variety of ailments, and there are just as many treatments available as there are types of sustainable injuries. Ranging from simple exercises and stretching routines to more sophisticated, machinery-driven treatments for muscle rehab.

One of the most up to date types of active recuperation includes a far infrared beam (FIR) body wrap framework. Through the use of FIR directly on affected parts of the body, patients get almost immediate and often long-lasting relief for several ailments.

The gentle infrared heat, which is topically applied through a wrap, relaxes the body while loosening stiff joint while improving circulation. It is often used before therapeutic exercise to loosen and prepare the joints, or after therapy, to relieve muscle aches and pains.

When you are injured, or your aches and pains don’t go away within a week or so, you may need physical therapy to regain total health.

Remember, that you have a choice when it comes to practitioners, and you have a choice when it comes to the type of therapy as well. Ask your physical therapist if he or she uses an infrared body wrap for their healing methods.

Are you looking for recovery or health improvement without any underlying injuries? You should ask yourself some questions:

  • How do you currently feel?
  • Are you physically able to do all of the things you want to do?
  • Can you climb the stairs without losing your breath?
  • Do you have enough energy?
  • Do you have any aches and pains or bothersome injuries?
  • How is your mobility?

You will come to find out with a little research that physical therapy can help you with almost all aspects of your life. Take a look at a few reasons why physical therapy isn’t only just for injuries.

Physical Therapists Conduct Detailed Testing

When you pay a visit to a physical therapist, they will conduct various detailed tests for strength, flexibility, posture, heart rate, blood pressure, body mass, and much more. Additionally, a physical therapist will provide a test that indicated percentiles to gauge your health levels against others at your age. The tests also evaluate the status of your entire body, so an individualized treatment plan can be formulated.

Health & Wellness

In addition to helping with physical injuries and illnesses, physical therapists are interested in the overall health and wellness of individuals.

If you are having difficulty losing weight or sticking with your diet, a physical specialist can structure a customized arrangement which will enable you to control your weight and keep the weight off once you lose it.

A good physical therapist will guide you through your plan and help you restore your body to better health.

Preventing Future Pain

Physical therapy can help educate you on the weaknesses in your body. Physical therapists thoroughly evaluate your body to tell you what improvements can be made to prevent future pain and injury (or other health issues down the road).

For example, if you sit all day at work, a physical therapist can help you with exercises to prevent back pain or other ailments in the future. If you are in an accident, a physical therapist can help you release soft tissue restrictions early on to prevent chronic pain.

Alleviate Frustrations

A lot of people get busy, lazy, or tired as they get older which can inhibit their ability to work on their health and fitness goals. Many people think that life “just happens” and they let things slide, however, if you want to achieve good health and fitness for the rest of your life, you may be creating a self-imposed roadblock.

Whatever is preventing you from achieving your goals should be discussed with your therapist. They should get a handle on your frustrations and where you’d like to see improvement.


The physical therapy field has expanded significantly, and it’s not just about disability anymore. It’s about creating a better life for all of their patients – regardless of the purpose of their visits. Start thinking about paying a visit to your local physical therapist, and if you’re in the Bellaire area, try Valley Rehab Center. Reduce the costs of your medical bills in the future and prevent illness and injury.

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