Negative Effects Of Social Media

False Connection

Social media sites can make it more difficult to distinguish between meaningful relationships and numerous casual relationships. By misplacing focus on these less meaningful relationships, our strong and important connections might start to weaken.


Predators can easily access your social world, and kids are especially vulnerable to cyber-bullying. Online attacks can lead to deep mental scars, as they are terrorized in front of their peers and family. The anonymity and barrier of the screen can bring out dark impulses that might not have otherwise made an appearance.

Decreased Productivity

Many businesses may use social networking sites to find and communicate with clients, but these sites can be a great distraction to employees who are more interested in their friend’s posts than potential prospects. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that 18 percent of users can’t go beyond “a few hours” without checking Facebook.


Social media sites encourage people to post more about their personal lives and thoughts. Intimate details of our lives can be posted in moments, and while in the moment something seems harmless, it may appear less attractive to an employer doing a background check. People often forget to put their accounts on private, and even then, privacy protection may not work as well as advertised.

Social Media Addiction

There are ten common reasons people report for using social media, and all of them fit under the umbrella of one essential desire: pleasure. People are turning to social media for a ‘pleasure hit’ in a compulsive way that eventually interferes with everyday activities/responsibilities. The temporary use of social media could eventually lead to emotional dependency or self-obsession.


The relationship between social media and happiness hasn’t been firmly established. It’s brand new and we are only just beginning to understand how it affects us. Be conscious of why you are going online, set a specific time frame of and remove notifications to keep you off your device.

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