What Are The Most Common Toilet Problems? & When To Call A Plumber?

Every Australian home will have plumbing problems at some point. You’re going to run into a situation where there’s a problem with the flushing, draining, or refilling of the toilet.

There are many categorizations of toilet problems, but only one should interest you – whether or not it’s a DIY job. Determining whether or not you can resolve the problem on your own is important, as it will guide your next steps.

Here are some common toilet problems that you might encounter…

“Phantom” Flushes

If your toilet spontaneously flushes when you’re nowhere near it, you might have a “phantom flush” problem. The toilet might spontaneously refill and flush from time to time, due to a very slow leak into the bowl from the tank.

What’s causing the problem is some sort of issue with the flapper seat or the flapper itself. Solving the problem doesn’t require a lot of effort, nor do you have to necessarily contact a plumber.

It’s as easy as draining the tank and bowl and then checking the flapper seat. If it needs a clean, this should be more than enough to fix the problem. Otherwise, you might just have to replace the flapper.

All in all, it’s a simple plumbing job you can do on your own.

Slow Emptying Bowl

Sometimes, the bowl won’t empty quite as fast as it should. These kinds of “weak” flushes are symptoms of a clogged hole underneath the rim.

The problem is relatively easy to solve with some DIY manual work. You don’t even have to open any compartments up; all it takes is a coat hanger and some dedication.

Try to poke gently into the flush hole to clear debris that might have accumulated. A small mirror might come in handy for the job, so you could see under the rim. Try your best not to scratch the bowl along the way.

A few careful and precise moves later, you should be able to solve the issue.

Clogged Toilet

One of the most dreaded toilet problems is the common clog. Most Australian households will experience this problem every once in a while. It’s a normal part of owning a toilet, but it’s still pretty stressful.

Once the drain clogs, you know you’re in trouble. The water starts piling up and you’re scrambling to fix the issue before it gets critical and starts to overflow.

Solving the problem could be as easy as applying hot water or a plunger, but that might not always be enough. If the clog is located deeper, simple methods won’t be able to resolve it. Many households experience these types of clogs and try fruitlessly to take care of them with a plunger.

In these situations, seeking expert help might be necessary. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding professional drain cleaning in Canberra or Sydney, as these cities have countless plumbing services available. With the help of a professional, the clog shouldn’t be a problem for much longer.

Leaking Seals

There are normally around five seals that are used on any standard toilet, and they all have the potential to leak at some point. A faulty seal will spray water everywhere during flushing, which is why you want to take care of it pronto.

Replacing seals often involves draining the tank and then removing it. Once you have access to the seal, it’s as simple as replacing it with a new one.

It’s not exactly rocket science, which is why you can resolve the issue pretty quickly on your own.


Solving toilet problems isn’t all that complicated. Either you’re going to get your hands dirty for half an hour, or you’re going to call a plumber.

Rarely will you stumble upon a problem that is difficult to resolve, so you shouldn’t be worried. Keep in mind that any particularly difficult situations should be handled by a plumber, as you don’t want to do any additional damage to your toilet.

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