How To Turn A Blog Post Into 10+ Content Pieces?


You can do so much with a blog post. Repurpose them into podcasts, videos, social media posts, and more!

1. Primary Point Teaser Video

Pick the most interesting point from your blog post and create a teaser video around the subject. Make sure you add a call to action to the video to lead the user to the original post.

Then, share the video with your primary social platform. Of course, you can share the video anywhere and everywhere if you’d like.

2. “Live” Video and/or YouTube Video

Go live and talk about the main points of the blog post. Try not to go too much “in-depth” as you want the user to read your blog post still.

After you’ve finished with the live video, download the file and upload it to YouTube with relevant keywords and a title similar to the blog post.

Finally, embed the video to the top or bottom of your blog post, and link to your article from the video description on YT.

3. Create A Social Media Video

You can create a “thumb-stopping” social media video using programs like PlaceIt or Lumen5. Once you’ve built the video, share it to your stories on Facebook & Instagram and share it with your Twitter audience.

4. Use The Blog Post For An Email

This goes both ways.

If you have an email that is performing extraordinarily well, you can turn it into a blog post. Or if you have a blog post doing numbers, you can turn it into an email.

A blog post that is longer than 500 words can easily be turned into multiple emails (see drip campaign).

5. Transform The Post Into A Webinar

This option will require more effort but it can repurpose your published content for fresh, new leads. Building a webinar helps you to reach your audience and establish your brand.

Take a look at this list of 15+ webinar platforms that you can use for free.

6. Write A Twitter Thread

Pick one of the main points from your blog post and go over it in detail in a twitter thread. At the end of your thread, be sure to link back to your blog post.

Make sure you use relevant visuals (and GIFs) to keep your audience engaged. Use a third-party program like HypeFury to quickly copy & paste your content into a scheduled thread.

7. Craft Branded Images For Instagram

Hire out or use apps like Canva or WordSwag to create branded images for your Instagram page. You can easily turn the best bits of tweet-sized information into daily posts for your profile.

8. Build A Slide Deck

You can use a website like Visme or Cincopa to easily build a free presentation for your blog post. Then, embed the slideshow after a few paragraphs (so it’s not right beside the teaser video) or at the bottom of your blog post.

9. Pick Bits Of Info For An Infographic

Utilize the main points of the blog post to design an infographic to be added to your post. Be sure to add your logo and website to the infographic, so people will know where it’s coming from if it gets shared to Pinterest.

You can use Piktograph or even Canva for infographic design.

10. Record Your Blog Post

To swiftly turn your blog post into an audio file, you can use an app like Anchor. You’ll be able to find your recordings on Spotify and Apple Podcasts after you’re approved.

The app is simple to use and doesn’t allow for much creativity, but you can record from anywhere and share your episodes anywhere with quick embedding.

As a plus, you can host unlimited episodes for free and track performance with intuitive analytics.

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