How To Maintain Youthful Energy: 7 Tips To Feel Young At Any Age

You might not be in your early 20’s anymore, but wouldn’t it be nice to feel the youthful energy again: The never-ending energy and quick metabolism! Rediscover the zest and optimism by following these simple tips to turn back the internal clock.

1. Eat Revitalizing Food

Bring on the healthy! Load your plate with the healthiest options, and start every meal off with a fruit or vegetable and a glass of water. Packing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your diet will help you feel refreshed and reenergized. Temptations wait around every corner, but by committing to whole foods and avoiding processed foods and foods with added sugars you can feel better. Remain youthful energy by eating properly.

2. Lift Some Weights

On many lists, exercise is number one. It’s incredibly hard to feel youthful if you are gasping for air after a moderate activity. High-Intensity Interval Training or Tabata can increase your stamina and energy levels. Resistance training with weight or resistance bands will work as well. After you’ve taken some time to become more fit go find a sport or game to play with friends.

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How To Maintain Youthful Energy: 7 Tips To Feel Young At Any Age

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3. Mix Up Your Day

Eat, exercise, repeat isn’t how every day should go. The brain craves novelty, so you should stimulate your mind with new ideas to feel younger. It’s almost like electroshock therapy for your behavior – but not as painful! Make out-of-the-ordinary changes to your routine whenever it starts to get a little boring. Also, friends who are energetic and fun can actually rub off on you.

4. Take A Step Back In Time

Find things you used to love – movies, music, and other memorabilia. Studies have found that people placed in an environment resembling their youth experienced improvements in memory, vision, happiness level, and overall health. Maybe moving back home isn’t such a bad idea…

5. Find The Positive

It’s natural to be a little melancholy now that you’ve gotten older. However, fighting off your inner pessimist can help bring back youthful energy. We aren’t saying you should forget all about the bad, but rather focus on what’s going well in your life. Finding your optimism will motivate you to do youthful things.

How To Maintain Youthful Energy: 7 Tips To Feel Young At Any Age

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6. Go To Bed Already

Want to feel younger tomorrow? Go to sleep early tonight. Your body restores itself while you’re sleeping, so turning in early can help you build an active body and brain. Pay off your sleep debt by heading to bed early enough to get seven to nine hours of sleep. After six weeks, you’ll feel the youthful energy flowing through your body.

7. Laugh, Smile, And…

Do everything with enthusiasm. Oftentimes, we think ourselves into misery. All the negative thoughts cloud our present moment and disempower your youthful energy reserves. Practice using positive affirmations to help rejuvenate your mind, make daily tasks a fun time, joke around with your co-workers, and smile whenever you can.

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