How To Lose Fat Without Going To The Gym

You want to learn how to lose fat without going to the gym? Smart choice. Read the following article to study how…

1. Sleeping Early

Yes, don’t go to bed too late.

The reason being, when you stay up late, your body increases the hunger hormone ghrelin in your body and decreases leptin – the hormone which makes you full. As a result, you get very hungry and want to feed on everything you find in your refrigerator. Also, studies have shown that sleep-deprived food cravings can trigger you to eat junk. Thus, further changing the shape of your body.

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2. Switching to Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vegetable oil like soybean and canola oil are rich in Omega six fatty acids, which cause inflammation and gaining of weight in your body.

A better cooking approach is to switch to extra virgin Olive oil because the polyphenols found inside Olive oil are known to decrease blood pressure.

Olive oil also contains oleic acid, which reduces your appetite and helps in weight loss.


3. Filling Your Shelves with Healthy Foods

Researchers at the University of Sydney found that if you don’t stop eating junk food, it becomes a habit.

Break these habits by filling your shelves with healthy foods. When you only have healthy foods on your shelves, it’s much easier to eat healthy. Oatmeal, whey proteins, fruits, and beans will help reduce your weight.

4. Start An At-Home Routine

Just because you aren’t in a gym, doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some weights for your home. Make a schedule of running and playing sports. The more cardiovascular activities you get involved in, the better it will get for you.

In the home, you can perform burpees and pushups. You can even consider picking up a good pull-up bar. If you have nothing better to do and want to burn some calories, run up and down on steps multiple times.


5. Drink More Water

Drinking more water will help you lose fat without going to the gym. Water will increase metabolism in your body as well as keep you fit. Other benefits of healthy hydration include fair skin and reduced acne.

6. Reduce Fatty Foods and Increase Proteins

Proteins are building blocks of your body. You will eat them and they will get consumed. However, this is not the case with carbs and fats as a small amount of them will be broken by the body to release energy and the majority of them will be stored.

Add more protein to your diet. Also, remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day as kidneys need plenty of water for fluid regulation inside the body.


7. Chew Your Food Calmly

Most people don’t realize that the stomach is not working at a rate as fast as our mouth. When most people get hungry, they tend to gobble down everything. The stomach later releases the signal that it is full but by now, it is too late.

You have eaten too much and sometimes you feel lazy. The best way to reduce your weight is to chew your food thoroughly. When you have broken down your food into smaller particles, you are helping stomach as it will require less effort to break down the food.

Also, don’t eat up to your maximum capacity. Always leave a little hunger as if it is beneficial for your body.

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