How To Increase Your Productivity Overnight With Task Batching?

What Is Task Batching?

Task batching, also known as grouping, time blocking, or mega batching, is a time management system that will help you maximize your concentration and productivity while minimizing stress and fatigue.

In order to task batch properly, you will need to create a long list of similar tasks to complete during a dedicated time period without interruptions. The more you switch between different processes the longer it takes your brain to switch and refocus between certain tasks.

On Twitter, I gave the recommendation to schedule out all your tweets, Facebook posts, and articles one month in advance in the short span of a few days.

Task Batching Helps You Find Shortcuts

Most content creators have thoughts that are moving a million miles a minute. Their thought process is something like this:

“I should create a YouTube video over this… but I forgot to upload my newest blog post… wait! I haven’t recorded my podcast today… oh no, did I post on Instagram? I think someone just replied to me on Twitter – I should respond to them.”

It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?

The benefits of task batching are getting a grip on how long certain tasks take you with full focus and how you can cut back on the little things that slow you down.

Think about anything in your life that you’ve done repeatedly.

The first time it was probably a learning experience with a few mistakes. The tenth time it was starting to become easy. The hundredth time you were finding new ways to improve and speed up your process.

Task batching works the same way. Instead of forcing your brain to shift gears, you give it the time it needs to master a system.

Multi-Tasking Ruins Productivity

Once your brain is locked in on a certain task, capitalize on that focus until the task is complete. What makes you tired is the effort your brain has to exert to switch between tasks – not the task itself.

Task batching is like therapy for your workflow. You’re able to stay centered on a task long enough to achieve a mental flow and “get in the zone.”

If you’re checking your socials and emails every five minutes with Netflix streaming in the background, you won’t ever achieve true flow.

How To Start Task Batching Right Now?

  1. Pull out your to-do list (if you don’t already have one, you need to make one).
  2. Group similar tasks logically (email replies with social replies, blog posts with SEO, errands with meetups, etc).
  3. Split your day into segments and assign each task to a dedicated time window (or devote the entire day to one task).

How To Get The Most Out Of Task Batching?

A few things to remember…

  • Task batching takes time. If you’re going to set a time-frame to do it, make sure you actually have the time and coffee to keep you going.
  • Make it fun. After your fourth or fifth completed task, you may start to get bored. Play instrumentals, dance a little bit, test your skills, and use different designs/colors to keep you focused.
  • Minimize distractions. You can tell everyone about your task batching, but that doesn’t mean your time boundaries will be respected. Spam calls, notifications, and random engagements will try to throw you off your game. It’s best to go airplane or “do not disturb” mode for a little bit.
  • Life happens. Important things come up so give yourself some wiggle room. Don’t go back to multi-tasking just because you need to readjust your time slot.

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