How To Be Joyful: 7 Steps To True Happiness

Take the time to stop moving so fast and enjoy life. Leave your troubles and worries behind. Joyful living takes commitment so be awake, be aware and slow down. Read more to learn how to be joyful…


1. Cut The Noise

Turn down the volume on your devices, and take the time to notice the silence and stillness that surrounds you. We become relaxed, grounded and clear when we intentionally allow ourselves to be still. You will naturally open up to a deep appreciation of the current moment and the stress will melt away.

2. Use Your Senses

Life has so much to offer that is right before you. Take the time to listen, touch, smell, taste and observe everything around you. Eating food becomes much more delightful and doing chores becomes effortless.

3. Clean Up

Don’t let clutter make you feel disgusting. Every moment of disgust holds you from another moment of joy. Clean up your room, empty out the garage, put things away in storage or tidy up your closet. Stop procrastinating over things that are easily fixed. Don’t wait or settle for good enough – just do it.

4. Give Others What You Feel You Lack

We all want attention, love and understanding, yet we live in a state of lacking it all. Consider you may not actually need what you think you need. Instead of living in lack, try being generous. Give to other what you feel you deserve, want or need. You won’t feel like you lack any longer. All your energy will be transformed into fullness and endless love.

5. Stick to You

Do you enjoy being unhappy and frustrated? Then you should try to control things you have no power over – like someone else’s life, most situations, the past or future. Stop getting caught up in emotional reaction and start to think about yourself. Let the narrative continue on and see what the truth actually is instead of being there at every twist and turn. Bring compassion where it is needed, but don’t waste your time with mindless babble.

6. Learn to Be Pleasant

No matter what is happening behind the scenes in your own life – act in a openly good-natured way. In the end, no one wants to be friends with Negative Nancy, so stop complaining; instead, be patient, kind and agreeable to others in your day-to-day life. Note: This doesn’t mean you have to become a people-pleaser.

7. Live In Forgiveness

Grudges interfere with joy in life. They require your attention and a poor attitude that can hold you back from true joy. Don’t let minutes roll by in frustration or anger. Learn to let go of the past, let go of the future and enjoy the present moment to the fullest. Live in constant amends. If you feel you have been wronged, deal with it. If you feel you have wronged someone else, apologize, ask for forgiveness and move forward. Learn from previous experiences and continue to grow as an individual. You will feel strong, clear, empowered and truly joyful.

Now that you are full of joy, would you like to read about how to live happier?

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