How To Avoid Common Bike-Car Crashes


Be Visible

After a cyclist gets hit by a driver, the first words out of the motorists mouth are, “I didn’t even see him/her.” Be wary in low-light conditions. Get daytime running lights and wear reflective clothing. Research shows that reflective clothing can lower your risk of getting hit by 40%.

Be Predictable

Follow the rules of the road! Don’t run stop signs, don’t ride against traffic, pay attention to road markings and use signals. Pointing in the direction you’re going can help vehicles plan their course of action.

Mind The Intersections

Most bike-car accidents happen right in the middle of intersections. A car turning right might not see you. Another scenario would be a car turning left while you’re going straight.

Ride The Center

Riders too often hug the far right edge of the road. This makes you harder to be seen by traffic and drivers might even try to scrape past you in the same lane.

Stay Out Of The Blind Spot

Avoid stopping right next to the car on your left when stopping at a light or stop sign. The driver might not see you and will turn into you. Alternatively, you can stop behind the car so you can see the car turning if they fail to use their blinkers.

Make Eye Contact

At intersections, be sure to make eye contact with drivers to be sure they see you before pulling out into the open. If they are distracted don’t be afraid to wave your arms to get their attention (Lights would help a lot here).

Give Yourself A Door Buffer

The last thing you want to happen while biking is to be “doored” by someone in a parked car. Give yourself a doors distance from parked vehicles, and even use the rear view mirrors to see which vehicles are occupied.


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