How Minecraft Can Teach You How To Earn Money Online?

You may not play Minecraft, but every block mined, tree chopped, and enemy killed helps you build something worth sharing…

Starting from scratch is something most everyone has to deal with when embarking on a new business venture. Understanding the value of your content is essential if you want to maximize your ROI and grow something unforgettable.

Every brand with a little bit of knowledge on Minecraft could benefit from reading this article. Even if you’ve never played, this blog post could help put things into a better perspective for you.

Dirt, Sand, & Gravel Blocks (Social Posts)

Dirt, sand, and gravel are some of the easiest materials to find in Minecraft and there’s a reason for that. Although, they can help you create a foundation in the beginning, they may not be best at protecting you from threats and building your empire.

All of these blocks can be mined (aka destroyed, deleted, or banned) in seconds, just as you can write a tweet, publish a facebook post, or craft a TikTok. They are good for getting you started, but not the best at actually putting money in your pocket.

Building your castle with sand, gravel, and dirt can end up with one creeper (aka troll or bad review) sending it all to pieces, and you’ve most likely seen this happen before on Twitter & mainstream news. A “guru” or “CEO” offers diamonds, but instead delivers an inventory full of gravel and sand.

One example I can think of right off the top of my head is the story of LifeLock’s CEO. He was so confident in the security and delivery of his business’ service that he decided to put his social security number on the front page of their website.

The result?

He had his identity stolen 13 timesthat we know of.

Wood Blocks (Cornerstone Content/Blog Posts/Book)

Writing cornerstone content, a book, or blog posts people actually want to read is definitely not easy for those who have never done it before.

In order to get your hands on your first few woods blocks in Minecraft, you have to use your bare hand to punch down a tree. And trust me, this is exactly what it feels like when you first begin writing.

You can do so much with wood blocks because they’re versatile. They’re duplicable. They’re the pieces you need to get started in every area of growth.

Crafting Table (Repurposing Content)

The crafting table is the block that unlocks your ability to construct, assemble, and shape anything you want, and it isn’t “hard” to make either. It only takes 4 wooden blocks…

What does this mean for your content strategy?

It only takes 4 pieces of cornerstone content to dive in to what you want. No matter what niche you’re trying to get into.

I always recommend that every brand has at least 10 pieces of solid content before they try to push any product or service.

Iron, Gold, & Diamond Blocks (Copywriting/Starting Offers)

Each block has its’ purpose and some blocks are better than others. As you dig deeper into online business, content marketing, and sales, copywriting will become a must. In order to “take down enemies” quickly and efficiently, you’ll need the proper tools to get it done.

Iron: Iron is quickly available anywhere you look by digging a little deeper than the surface. By doing more research than the average person, you can create a lead magnet, tripwire, or small offer that people will jump on.

Gold: Gold is slightly more difficult to find and it has a different purpose – taking down a different type of enemy. In order to find continued success in your niche, you will need to learn how to pull people out of your circle of influence INTO IT.

Diamonds: The most powerful material in Minecraft, but also the hardest to find. It’s deep. It’s elusive. It’s scarce. Content marketing (& copywriting), when executed properly, can turn almost any new visitor into a paying customer.

Coal Blocks (Momentum)

You’ve got the makings for great equipment, but you’ll need to smelt the ore first. Coal is the fuel you’ll need to turn unrefined ore into finalized weapons.

What is coal – really?

Coal is building hype around your product/service. Turning the eyes of those who were barely paying attention to champing at the bit. Of course, you can use wood blocks (aka cornerstone content, blog posts, or books) to do the same, but there’s something about eye-catching, fresh content that gets the job done.

Crafting Equipment (Weaponizing Your Offers/Improving Your Strategies)

By this point, you should have everything you need. Social posts to drive engagement, cornerstone content to keep viewers entertained, repurposed content across every platform, hype & momentum, and high-success copywriting.

Now, you need to package it all up for your interested audience.

Ask yourself, what are you looking to accomplish?

Are you trying to create cold hard cash out of thin air? Create a better resume for a future job opportunity? Maybe spend the money you’ve earned so far to improve your strategies (new computer/gear/subscriptions you’ve needed)?

Enemy Kills (Sales)

Sales is the tough part, right? Well, it depends on how you’re trying to “take down” the “enemy.”

Deciding to jump into a fight without any of the aforementioned blocks/equipment is difficult. A diamond sword can go to work much faster than throwing raw punches.

Not every enemy is the same, therefore, not every prospect will have the exact same objections. You need to ask around and do your due diligence to find out what makes your audience tick and the answers they’re looking for.


Don’t let the Minecraft metaphors fool you. This won’t be a walk in the park, but it’s not nearly as difficult as your friends and/or family make it seem. Since Minecraft’s inception we’ve seen people build entire realities from scratch. You can do the same.


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