How Long Do You Count Before Throwing A Grenade?

For how long do you count prior to throwing a grenade?

Pro Idea: You DON’T count before throwing a grenade— you begin counting AFTER you toss it.

Exactly How Grenade Functions?

Once you pull the pin out of the grenade it isn’t «live» right now. If you’re holding it correctly, the trigger (the lengthy «handle» or «lever» on the side of the grenade) hasn’t been launched yet and also the grenade won’t detonate.

The photo below is an interior consider the typical issue M26 explosive with the pin and also trigger on the appropriate side:

A thrown grenade allows the trigger device to loosen up and also engage the internal fuse. Usually, you have regarding 3-4 seconds prior to the detonation happens.

This is why counting before you toss isn’t essential. You could be counting for a very long time if you never ever released the grenade …

Why You Count Out-Loud After You Toss A Grenade?

Counting after the grenade is tossed is indicated to give your colleagues (squadron, companions, etc) a direct on how long they have till the explosion.

By counting, you make sure that every person discovers cover, safeguards their hearing/vision, and knows not to face, over, or around the grenade.

Hollywood Ruins …

The majority of actors have never ever tossed an explosive prior to in their life so please justification the inaccuracies.

You’ll discover several Hollywood Heroes hold the trigger while they count to the last 2nd. real life, if you had a «hero» such as this, you ‘d possibly intend to toss him in addition to the explosive.

Dynamites aren’t toys. They’re not meant to be had fun with.

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