Healthy Weight Gaining Tips: Put On Pounds

Weight gain simply put, is an increase in body weight. It involves excessive expansion of the body’s muscle mass, fat deposits, and fluid accumulation. Being underweight is medically dangerous though the issue is not gaining as much awareness as it should.

To decide whether a person is underweight, we have to look at two factors: His Body Mass Index (BMI) and the proportion of fat to muscle mass in his body.

Are You Underweight?

Being underweight means having a BMI below 18.5. The BMI measures a person’s weight based on their height. It is the most popular method of calculating one’s weighty issues. However, it tells only part of the story.

The proportion of body fat to muscle mass also determines whether a person‘s weight is in healthy limits. Therefore, a person who looks underweight may just be having a lesser muscle mass and his or her BMI could be well within acceptable limits.

Sportsmen who are active usually have a high muscle mass which pushes their BMI up but they are definitely not overweight.

So, boys and girls out there who think being ‘thin’ puts them on the safer side, beware! Please look at your BMI and your muscle mass to fat ratio and be aware of whether you need to gain weight for your good health. Females are more prone to the problem of being underweight.

According to studies, underweight people are more prone to impaired immune function, risk of infections, fertility issues, fractures, dementia to name a few.

Just as with obesity and overweight issues, being underweight can be tackled with a good dietary plan coupled with a proportionate amount of physical activity. Underweight people need to ensure that their calorie intake is more than what they are burning out through physical activity.

Top 10 Weight Gain Tips

1. Eat at least 5-6 healthy meals a dayMake sure that your meals are spread across the day. Eating too much at once can cause indigestion. The advice from nutrition experts is that underweight people must gain an additional 300-500 calories from their meals. This is most follow weight gain

2. Weight train thrice a week

Weight training helps increase the growth of muscles. Keep increasing the weight with which you train over a period of time to achieve success faster.

3. Increase Protein Intake

Eat protein-rich food like meat, cheese, and eggs.

4. Increase Consumption Of Food Rich In Calories

Peanut butter, energy bars, oil, and bananas have a good amount of calories. However, do not overdo it as it is important to gain weight in a healthy manner. Consumption of fat helps to add extra calories, but try to use the healthier fat options like olive oil, avocados, butter (from organic sources), and eggs to name a few.

5. Increase Your Fluid Intake

You may not be able to meet the extra 300-500 calories requirements from eating solid food alone. Therefore, you need to rely on milk, milkshakes, protein shakes, etc. to meet the additional calorie requirements.

6. Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help increase calories in a healthy manner. Make them a good part of your diet.

7. Try To Eat Fast

This has a psychological base that as you eat fast it takes more time to feel satiated. So be quick as you eat and make room for more!

8. Take Dietary Supplements

Nutritional deficiency may at times cause a person to be underweight. However, you must take dietary supplements only after consultation with your doctor or nutritionist.

9. Be patient

Be patient and focused on your goals for gaining weight. Eat right and ensure the right amount of physical activity. After every exercise, do give yourself time to recover. Slowly, results will show.

10. Believe In Yourself

Don’t get disillusioned if results don’t show up quickly. A positive mind goes a long way in achieving the desired state. Believe that you will transform your body eventually with correct efforts. Believing in yourself is one of the best weight gain tips anyone can offer you.

Diet Charts For Weight Gain:

Some Dietary Patterns & Food Selection Tips:

  • Nutritious, energy-dense snacks and beverages in between main meals can help to meet the increased energy needs.
  • Choose food with nutritional calories in between your main meals such as dark chocolates, cakes, nuts, yogurt, whole bread with extra cheese.
  • Increase intake of starchy foods such as Potatoes, Colocasia, Bananas, Corn flour in diet
  • Evening Snacks ideas include whole bread with hummus or peanut butter, cheese sticks, energy bars, etc.
  • Eat plenty of healthy fats such as egg yolks, fish, unsalted peanut butter or hummus spread. Use olive, canola, rice bran, or mustard oil for cooking.
  • Avoid drinking water 30 minutes before & after meals.
  • Take milk with added dry milk powder and a mixture of nuts such as pistachios, almonds & walnuts.
  • Adding extra oil to your food such as in pulses, chapatti flour is an easy way to add calories. Choose desi ghee, olive & canola oil which is good for health.
  • Use a variety of fruits & vegetables to make salads. Take Avocado fruit twice a week as it is the only fruit that contains fat.
  • Help yourself to nuts such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts & dairy products by having the right amount of carbs, good fat & protein in your diet.

Effective Weight Gain Exercises?

Apart from food, the right amount of physical activity in the form of effective weight gain exercises is very important. Also, when the aim is to gain weight, it is advisable to focus on exercises which help develop muscle mass. Here are some easy muscle training exercises that will help you in achieving desired weight gain.

  1. Squats – It is a very simple weight gain exercise. It helps to build a well-developed and well-rounded back and strong legs. It also tones up the glutes, hips, thighs, and calves. It will be more effective if you manage to combine weight training with squats.
  2. Push-Ups– It is a simple and effective exercise. It helps to strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. It is ideal for both men and women.
  3. Running or Brisk Walking– Walking helps to build lean muscle mass in a gradual way. Try to run short distances at first, and gradually increase the speed and intensity.
  4. Crunches – Crunches help remove belly fat, increase core strength, and boost the growth of lean muscle mass.
  5. Pull-Ups- Pull-ups are best suited for men. You need to hold an overhead bar slightly wider than your shoulders with hands facing away from your face. Hang down and pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Pause and go down. Repeat the steps.
  6. Free weight exercises- Free weight exercises like French presses are very useful to gain weight and are targeted to make the triceps stronger.
  7. Straight Leg Deadlift- The exercise gives the feeling as if you are going to pick something from the floor. This is because you grasp a bar or dumbbell with an overhand grip. The exercise strengthens the lower back.
  8. Chin up- In this exercise you have to hang from a chin-up bar with an underhand grip. Pull yourself up until your chest is above the bar. The exercise helps to build muscle.
  9. Bench Press- The exercise involves strengthening of the upper body and requires you to push a weight upwards from a supine position.
  10. Hip Thrust- The exercise requires you to rest your back on a bench while lifting one leg up in such a way that your body is parallel to the floor.

Should I Try Weight Gain Products?

There is are wide varieties of weight gain product available in the market but you have to keep a close eye on the product which are healthy and which are unhealthy.

Weight Gain Shakes (Protein Shakes):

Say true! What the first thing hit in your mind when you think about a weight gain shakes, obviously a jacked guy drinking a post-workout shake right? Whenever you are looking for weight gain product the protein powder can help you reap faster results. Weight gain shakes available in different forms but, three common ones are:

  • Soy protein isolated from soybean.
  • Whey protein comes from a process of turning milk into cheese.
  • Casein protein separates the milk protein from carbs and fats.

The weight gain shakes not only a powerful ingredient in weight gain but also build and repair your muscles as well, so instead of munching on unhealthy snacks just take a sip with this yummy protein shakes and my sure you will definitely tap my back.

Peoples Who Need More Protein:

  • People who are working out often
  • Injured athletes looking for recovery
  • Teenagers
  • A pregnant or lactating mother

Things to be considered while taking weight gain shakes or protein in your diet:

  • Always go for a whey protein as its safe from allergy.
  • Protein with high BV (biological value) is the best.

Weight Gain Tablets

Weight gain tablets contain some risk ailment too which need to be discussed with your health provider before taking in the mouth.

Methyltestosterone – Testosterone Weight Gain Tablets

These weight gain tablets increase the production of testosterone which helps in weight gain, it is mainly taken by an athlete but it gives some severe side effect too which need to discuss with your doctor before going further such as upset your stomach, allergic reaction i.e. lumps and pain in your body. So it’s better to avoid these weight gain tablets for those who suffer from some allergy.


These weight gain tablets are mainly prescribed for people who suffer from severe weight loss after a surgery or some other medical condition. It increases the protein level in your body which helps in gain muscles mass which result increases the body weight. To be a better result of these pills you should adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Theses weight gain tablets are more effective more when taken alone.

Things to watch while taking weight gain tablets.

  • Consult your doctor before taking any weight gain tablets.
  • Note down your weight always before and after use of this tablets.
  • Stop it if it produces too much acid in your stomach.
  • Regular workout is necessary while taking these tablets.

Weight Gain Bars

If I am not wrong gaining weight is one of the easiest tasks to do but gaining quickly is the challenge right? Taking adequate diet or calories can be tricky sometimes but we can now easily beat this challenge by taking a nutritional bar instead of unhealthy snacks. These bars are full of protein and calories which can easier the process of weight gain.

Few points should be considered while picking the bars:

  • Bars should have 15 grams of protein.
  • Should have 6 grams of fiber
  • Less carbohydrate than protein.
  • No trans fats.
  • It will be a bonus if contains Whey or casein protein.

Few Points to be avoided while a selecting a bar:

  • Avoid the bar which has the word sugar, syrup, and a sweetener in the ingredients list or anything which ending with “-ose”.
  • Avoid the bar which contains an artificial sweetener as it increases your carve for sweet foods.

What products are recommended for weight gain of women?

Women always have a desire to become a skinny or zero size figure but if talk about increase some pounds you will laugh loud, but I am not kidding! It’s true half of the world of women’s wants to gain some extra pounds but they have no time to take adequate diet. But there are different products for weight gain of women available in the market which helps in achieving the target of weight gain.

Whey protein:

Protein which comes from the milk which contains a high-quality protein and growth essential amino acid which gain your lean muscles rather than fat so makes the daily yummy smoothie of your choice with a scoop of whey protein and take a one step forward in the race of weight gain.

  • Warning! Whey protein comes from cow milk, so if you have any allergy to the milk it good to keep this away from eyes.
  • Increase your water intake protein supplement requires extra fluid.

Powdered Milk:

We all know that women appetite isn’t big enough to add extra food to in his diet by one go so the dry milk powder is the best answer to this problem which contains all the protein, carbohydrate, and fat in a balanced ratio. You can use this powder to any of your choice of food and soup.

Creatine supplement:

Creatine is used mainly by the athletes. Creatine is a kind of energy molecule which buffers your muscles cells. In short, it gives extra power to women and improves the lean muscles and there is no doubt that girls with well natured lean muscles look good and feel good all the time.

  • Avoid taking extra doses of this supplement as high dosage damage your kidney, liver, and heart.
  • Drinks lots of water when you’re taking this supplement.

Last but not least, Yoga also has beneficial effects on hard gainers. It does so by mainly affecting the physiology of the person. The most popular Yoga pose Sirshasana helps the body relax, improves the digestive system and increases muscle elasticity. Matsyanasana helps improve the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Thus, a good dietary plan, coupled with the exercises and Yoga will go a long way in helping gain weight for good health. What is required is a disciplined approach and a positive bent of mind.

Consult your doctor for weight gain products in case of any complication.

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