Free & Paid Keyword Research Tools Available


You will need to do a little bit of keyword research if you ever want your content or webpages to see the light of day: Page 1 Search Results. There are many tools to choose from, but these are a few of the best…

Most popular keyword research tools:

The SEO Book Keyword Tool is free and pulls information from Wordtracker, a paid service that supposedly also allows you to ping the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Google has a couple other tools that are useful as well:

Google Trends shows how frequently a term is searched for by region or language and allows users to compare keywords. 

Google Insights is a similar tool that shows slightly different information and incorporates a map for locations.

All of these free tools are helpful for different aspects of keyword research, but I haven’t fully explored any of the paid resources yet.

They all offer free trials to test out their services:

Serp IQ is a new tool on the market that looks very promising and they offer a monthly plan.

Wordstream appears to be mostly focused on PPC and they, unfortunately, only seem to offer a yearly subscription for their keyword research tools. (A monthly subscription for this tool seems like it would attract a lot more users.)

Keyword Discovery seems to be the most expensive of the bunch and – considering all of the other free (and paid) options – may not be worth the price.

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