Five Content Trends To Pay Attention To In The Next Five Years

Content is changing for the better. Big brands and individual marketers alike are improving their visual and written content game. New trends are emerging and the following five may be the next big ones.

Short-Form Mediums

Short-form mediums that allow for quick consumption are already taking over. We’ve already seen this happen with written content (Twitter), video content (Instagram), and now burst content (TikTok).

Over the next few years, we will see a further expansion of cross-browser & cross-platform content. Many gamers are already experiencing this with Xbox players being able to play on PC, and all gamers being able to come together to play the same game.

Ultimately, we will find ourselves with easily embeddable content that can be repurposed into every area of the Internet.

Content mediums that favor bite-sized, fast to consume, easy to share, and cross-compatibility will continue to become more and more popular.

Interactive Visual Content

Virtual reality is here but it’s still rusty, and before everyone has a VR mask, there will need to be a few generations to drive down the price.

Interactive visual content and augmented reality give the user a first person type appreciation will expand in popularity. You will probably see several companies crop up that will enable a more automated approach to creating this type of content.

One of the things I expect to see in the coming years are virtual worlds with real-world advertisements placed in them.

Data Visualizations

Not crappy infographics, but data visualizations that actually enhance the value of the data being presented.

Marketers will begin to realize that all of the data out there can actually be used as a source for creating compelling content that can support their brands. Savvy content marketers will begin to see the success of teams at places like The New York Times Data Viz Lab and others, and begin mimicking their success.

“Big” Content

We will see budgets for individual content initiatives go up dramatically. You will see brands investing 2x-5x more per-project to create content that will stand out from the glut of mediocre content that is now clogging up Internet.

With over 190 million companies and 1.5 billion websites in the world. It’s going to take a deep pockets to reach your audience with precision and expertise.

Contracting Talent

You will see more and more companies becoming familiar with and comfortable with contracting established online talent. This is already a huge trend on Youtube, where content creators are being tapped for their audiences and skill sets to create branded content.

This will continue on Youtube at higher rates, and will continue to expand to taste-makers and unique talents in all other mediums.

Companies will begin realizing that they can get more bang for their buck if they create assets that cater specifically to different channels through these creators. Single content initiatives will have elements that are optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and others.

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