Every Dr. Disrespect VSM News Update With Johnny Bandinni: VIDEO

Dr. Disrespect taunted his visitors with a livestream on Youtube today and also later tweeted he will officially be going online tomorrow early morning. Nonetheless, there are 11 pre-recorded VFM news updates with Bandinni that you require to hear.

Every Dr Disrespect VSM News Update With Johnny Bandinni: VIDEO image 1

Dr. Disrespect started his livestream buzz by going online today with a static synth-wave screen, the audio of rain, and also information updates from VFM with Bandinni.

The 11 pre-recorded Bandinni updates were compiled for you to listen to them all.

VFM News Updates with Bandinni:

  • 0:00 TimTheTatman Jeep Step
  • 0:30 Microsoft Halo Infinite
  • 1:02 Fortnite Is Passing away
  • 1:31 Rogan States «Gaming Are A Waste Of Time»
  • 2:07 Shadow’s Mobility scooter 2:42
  • Nude At Location 51
  • 3:16 $250M Dubai Financier
  • 3:39 Valorant VFX
  • 4:11 Mystical ‘Alleyways’
  • 4:38 Triple Threat Obstacle Unbeaten
  • 5:05 Johhny Bandinni Exclusive Interview With Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect tweeted, «Tomorrow, we show up.»

Tomorrow, we arrive.https:// t.co/ EzD5VNbsVB

— Dr Disrespect (@drdisrespect) 6, 2020

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