Do’s & Don’ts Of Owning Synthetic Hair Wigs

The popularity of synthetic hair wigs soared with the Millenials due to Korean pop artists and cosplayers. People wrongly assume taking care of a hair wig is similar to taking care of their natural hair.

For natural hair, paraben, and sulfate-free shampoo are a must. But care for wigs made out of synthetic hair differs.

Let’s look at things you can and cannot do while maintaining synthetic wigs…


1. No Heat Usage

Never use any hot rollers or blow dryers on synthetic wigs. They not only deteriorate the fiber quality but also become limp. After washing, let the wig dry out naturally.

2. Never Use Tight Toothed Combs

Synthetic hair wigs require mild maintenance, and for this, a softer wooden brush is preferable. Make sure to use combs made of wood whose tooth is a finger apart.

3. No Natural Hair Products

Your regular shampoo and conditioners are not suitable for synthetic wig care. These are high in chemicals which can harm your wigs.

4. Never Use Hot Water

Always go for cold water washing. Hot water damages the fiber, lessening its soft texture to brittle tangles. Best to use an ice water bath for the best care.

5. Towel Treatment

When drying with a towel for a quicker process, make sure not to scrunch the fibers and rub them together. There are tangles which occur due to it and are tough to remove.


1. Patting dry

While you shouldn’t use hot curling rods or blow dryers, gently patting synthetic wigs is perfectly welcome.

All you have to do is pat down the wet fibers to let out the excessive water. Finally, let it dry out on its own.

2. Wig Serums and Sprays

Specialized wig serums and sprays are suitable for synthetic wig styling and maintenance. These do not damage the quality of the hair. Rather you can style, curl and form your wigs to your liking with zero hassles.

3. Wig Stand

Make sure to keep your wig on a stand before getting to bed after a long day. The wig on a stand helps to maintain its shape and bounce. There is also lesser tangling as it remains in one place. Make sure to cover the wig with a silk cloth or bonnet for protection.

4. Use Manual Curlers

Manual curlers do not harm the fiber. They are preferable over hot curlers and provide soft curls on your synthetic wigs. Make sure to maintain this routine and provide proper care to a wig after styling it.

5. Maintain a Schedule

Due to busy schedules, you might end up washing the fibers only before you need it. In reality, synthetic hair wigs require proper treatment, just like your hair. Make sure to add the days of wig care to your calendar and follow the steps meticulously.

If you follow the do’s and don’ts mentioned above, the quality and shelf-life of your synthetic wig remain spotless for longer. So, go ahead, and style your wigs with care!

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