Do’s & Don’ts Of Owning Synthetic Hair Wigs

The popularity of synthetic hair wigs rose with the Millenials due to Korean pop artists as well as cosplayers. Individuals mistakenly think taking care of a hair wig is similar to caring for their all-natural hair.

For all-natural hair, paraben, and also sulfate-free hair shampoo are a must. Yet take care of wigs constructed out of synthetic hair varies.

Allow’s look at things you can and also can not do while preserving artificial wigs …

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Do n’ts:

1. No Warmth Use

Never ever make use of any kind of warm rollers or impact clothes dryers on synthetic wigs. They not just weaken the fiber quality but additionally end up being limp. After cleaning, allow the wig dry out naturally.

2. Never Ever Make Use Of Limited Toothed

Synthetic hair wigs require mild upkeep, and for this, a softer wooden brush is preferable. Make sure to make use of combs constructed from timber whose tooth is a finger apart.

3. No Natural Products

Your routine shampoo and also conditioners are not suitable for artificial wig treatment. These are high in chemicals which can harm your wigs.

4. Never Make Use Of Hot Water

Constantly go with cold water washing. Hot water harms the fiber, reducing its soft appearance to breakable tangles. to make use of an ice water bathroom for the best treatment.

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5. Towel Treatment

When drying with a towel for a quicker process, make certain not to scrunch the fibers and also scrub them together. There are tangles which happen because of it and also are tough to get rid of.


1. Patting completely dry

While you shouldn’t make use of warm curling poles or strike dryers, gently patting synthetic wigs is completely welcome.

All you have to do is pat down the wet fibers to allow out the too much water. Lastly, allow it dry on its own.

2. Wig Lotions and also Sprays

Specialized wig products and sprays are suitable for synthetic wig styling as well as maintenance. These do not harm the quality of the hair. Instead you can design, curl as well as create your wigs to your preference with absolutely no troubles.

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3. Wig Stand

Ensure to keep your wig on a stand prior to getting to bed after a lengthy day. The wig on a stand assists to maintain its shape and also bounce. There is also minimal tangling as it continues to be in one place. See to it to cover the wig with a silk fabric or bonnet for defense.

4. Usage Curlers

curling irons do not damage the fiber. They are more effective over hot curlers as well as give soft curls on your synthetic wigs. Make certain to preserve this regular as well as supply proper like a wig after styling it.

5. Preserve a Set up

As a result of busy routines, you might end up cleaning the fibers just prior to you need it. fact, artificial hair wigs require appropriate treatment, just like your hair. Make certain to add the days of wig like your schedule and also follow the steps carefully.

If you comply with the do’s and also do n’ts mentioned over, the high quality and shelf-life of your synthetic wig continue to be spotless for longer., proceed, and style your wigs with care!

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