Do Meal Replacement Shakes Help You Lose Weight?

You’re switching up your lifestyle. You’re eating right. You’re exercising. But do meal replacement shakes help you lose weight…?

Generally, there are two major uses for meal replacement shakes.

One is designed to replace a meal without a dramatic drop in calories meant for those that are busy or don’t want to cook, but who still want something quick and nutritious.  

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The other is designed to lose weight. These shakes are often lower in calories and are designed to replace a normal meal with a meal replacement shake to help reduce calories without sacrificing nutrition.

So to answer the question, yes, meal replacement shakes can help you lose weight, you just need to make sure you are finding one that is designed specifically for weight loss.

What to Look For in a Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Loss

Low in Calories

In simplest terms, losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit. 3,500 calories equal one pound of fat, so if you can cut 500 calories out of your normal routine daily, you can lose one pound a fat per week.

A meal replacement shake that is low in calories is going to be the biggest thing to look for when finding a meal replacement shake to help you lose weight.

Drinking a shake with too high of a calorie count will be counterproductive. A meal replacement shake that offers around 100 calories seems to be pretty standard for those designed for weight loss.

High in Protein

Protein content is really important in a meal replacement shake for weight loss.

Not only will protein help rebuild muscles that have been worked during exercise (hopefully something that is part of your weight loss plan) but it also helps keep you fuller longer.

Look for a shake with at least 10g of protein.

Appetite Control

This might be one of the be biggest keys to a shake for weight loss.

Cravings can be a real killer to your weight loss goals. If you get hungry and you’re not in a good place to be able to get a healthy snack, you may succumb to a much unhealthier option.

You need a shake that will keep you full until your next planned meal. That’s where some shakes will use some sort of appetite suppressant to help curb hunger. This can be especially important for people drinking a low-calorie shake designed for weight loss if they are used to much higher calorie meals.

Most shakes will have a decent amount of fiber as an appetite suppressant but some companies have proprietary ingredients/blends designed to do a great job at curbing hunger.

Meal replacement shakes can be a fantastic way to help someone lose weight when combined with proper diet and exercise.

There are many great transformations stories from people who have found success using meal replacement shakes for weight loss!

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