Could You Freeze Meat To Kill All The Bacteria?

Can meat be adhered a temperature where it’s safe to eat?

Icing up Meat & & Cooking Meat Isn’t The Same

You could not ice up meat to a temperature to eliminate the living germs.

All chilly does to germs is prevent it from growing. Warmth is the only means to kill microorganisms.

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Nonetheless, by freezing the meat, you won’t have any parasites or worms, as all of them would be done for. This is exactly just how raw fish is treated to make it safe for raw usage in sushi/sashimi.

Can Raw Meat Be Entirely Safe?

It’s still feasible to eat raw meat fairly safely, at least in beef.

Beef is a red meat, considered to be too dense for germs to do more than cover the surface area in contrast to permeating the meat itself.

If you get your beef from a butcher from the same steer, and also see to it that all of your tools and surface areas are sterilized from germs, after that E.coli as well as salmonella would not be a trouble.

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Why Is E.coli & & Salmonella Found Beef Products?

Now, you’re probably asking why are there numerous e.coli and salmonella episodes with beef.

As mentioned previously, the bacteria can only cover the surface of beef because of its density, yet hamburger is revealed to the open air when it’s ground for packaging.

This boosts the surface of the meat significantly and causes a greater subjected area.

The very same issue happens with minute steaks that are softened with industrial tenderizers that place thousands of little needles into the meat.

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The needles knock in openings right into the meat, producing far more surface for the meat to be revealed to the microorganisms.

What happens if a few of those needles had bacteria on it when they’re put the microorganisms into the meat holes?


If your objective is to be sure everything is risk-free, make certain you get your beef from the exact same butcher, and then do the smaller cuts, grinding, and also patty-making yourself.

But actually, it’ll be way much easier to simply allow a specialist serve it to you.