8 More Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

8 More Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

1. Lowered Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Research showed that drinking a minimum of 4 cups per day may help protect against the development and reoccurrence of MS. Drinking coffee is believed to prevent the neural inflammation that possibly leads to the disease developing. (link)

2. Reduced Liver Cancer Risk

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center discovered that those that consume 1-3 cups of coffee per day can reduce their risk of developing liver cancer by up to 29% (link).

3. Drinking Coffee Can Lower Gout Risk

A study of over 50,000 men found that risk for developing gout (in men) decreases with increased coffee consumption. Try to drink one cup per day or 5 per week. (link)

4. Reduced Heart Attack Mortality Risk

Researchers have found people who drink more than two cups of coffee per day have the least risk of dying from a heart attack after the heart attack has occurred (link).

8 More Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee


5. Prevents Retinal Damage

Researchers at Cornell University showed that coffee may prevent retinal damage to oxidative stress. Caffeine isn’t at work here, but chlorogenic acid (CLA), which is a strong antioxidant found in the coffee bean (link).

6. Black Coffee Prevents Cavities

Some researchers in Brazil found that strong black coffee actually kills the bacteria on teeth that contribute to tooth decay. Adding milk or sugar can negate the potential benefits (link).

7. Drinking Coffee May Protect Against Melanoma

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that melanoma risk decreased with coffee consumption and continues to decrease with each cup of coffee consumed (link).

8. USDA’s 2016 Dietary Guidelines Recommend it for Better Health

The USDA advises individuals to drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day to boost overall health and reduce the risk of disease. On the contrary, they report that adding sugar, cream or flavored creamers quickly starts to cancel these benefits (link).

8 More Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

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