Beating Mr. Beast’s $100,000 Riddle: Steps 1 – 23

Yes, Mr. Monster got on Twitter a couple of days back as well as introduced he was having a brand-new obstacle: Full a 26 action puzzle initially to win $100,000. Did I win?

On July 29th at 9:16 PM, (ALSO KNOWN AS Mr. Beast) tweeted, «For the last 100 days we have actually been making the hardest riddle the web has actually ever before seen and also if you’re the initial to solve it, you win $100,000 BUT I doubt anyone will. You would certainly need to be the smartest man worldwide. I’ll tweet the puzzle tomorrow evening.»

For the last 100 days we’ve been making the hardest riddle the net has actually ever seen and also if you’re the very first to fix it, you win $100,000 BUT I doubt anyone will. You would certainly need to be the smartest male on the planet.

I’ll tweet the riddle tomorrow evening— MrBeast(

@MrBeastYT) July 29, 2020

This tweet collection Mr. Beasts community aflame and also speculation began buzzing around what the puzzle would be.

  • Would certainly it include ideas from previous videos?
  • Had they been growing little hints throughout the last 6 months?
  • Did you truly need to be the smartest man in the world to solve the riddle?

followers began intending and constructing discord teams of dedicated individuals that were willing to take the difficulty head on. Mr. Monster maintained teasing his audience with respond to his initial tweet: «Clear your weekend break, it will not be very easy.»

Beating Mr. Beast’s $100,000 Riddle: Steps 1 – 23 image 1

Clear your weekend, it won’t be easy.

— MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) July 29, 2020

Tweeting just the number «5»:


— MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) July 29, 2020

Then, revealing that the number he tweeted was simply to throw you off … or was it? Stating, «When I drop the riddle tomorrow you’ll be mind blown (;»

This was just to throw you people off haha

When I go down the riddle tomorrow you’ll be mind blown— MrBeast(

Beating Mr. Beast’s $100,000 Riddle: Steps 1 – 23 image 2

@MrBeastYT) July 29, 2020

Mr. Beasts fan base couldn’t obtain enough, and every person was one edge. His customers were combing his tweets, his Instagram, his pal’s social accounts, as well as beginning to make guesses on what will take place.

Lastly, right before the riddle was about to go online. tweeted out:» goes stay in 45 mins!»

goes reside in 45 mins!

— MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) July 30, 2020

The engines started revving as well as fans jumped in their Discord teams to get ready for the challenge. Sadly, I was out grocery buying my family when the puzzle began, so I was viewing livestreamers complete the puzzle prior to my really eyes. By the time I got back to my computer system, there were currently banners on action 13 of the 26 actions.

Nevertheless, I had not been going to let that quit me. I took to Twitter, Reddit, Discord, & & Instagram to begin solving the riddle on my own, and became one of the numerous top challengers for the $100,000 prize. Fortunately, a Reddit message was able to accelerate my process, while lots of others stop during the QR phase of the puzzle.

One streamer mistakenly dripped the e-mail he used to play the video game as well as people began spamming racist slurs in his phone emulator, which bring about him closing down the stream to avoid any kind of consequences from Youtube. A handful of people attempted to do the exact same point to me by spamming racist direct messages to my Twitter DMs.

Beating Mr. Beast’s $100,000 Riddle: Steps 1 – 23 image 3

The QR action forced you to scan up to numerous QR codes before you obtained access to a successful web page. All the various other ones resulted in a «upside-down» mistake. The code I made use of to pass this action is below:

Produce Your QR Code!!! from MrBeastRiddle

Then, it was smooth sailing completely till I reached Flappy (aka Flappy ). It was clearly difficult for me to pass the 100 factor obstacle, and also you would certainly recognize just how negative I am at video games like this if you watched my QWOP livestream.

While I was active seeking an alternative service to Flappy, many other streamers blazed in advance toward the final actions of the riddle. conversation was howling the solution at me, while many people just had toxic things to state and also various other bad «tips» to attempt to toss me off the response.

Eventually, I met my death as tweeted out a champion had been located: «The riddle has actually been solved! We are confirming the results and I’ll reveal the winner immediately! I’ll leave the puzzle up in instance any of you intend to resolve it for enjoyable.»

The puzzle has been solved! We are confirming the outcomes as well as I’ll reveal the winner asap!

I’ll leave the puzzle up in case any of you want to solve it for fun ❤— MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) July 31, 2020

Quickly after tweeting this, the web servers dropped due to how many individuals were attempting to make their method with the Mr. webpages, and I had no option but to call it a night.

You can discover nearly the entire list of actions listed below & & give the puzzle a shot on your own:

MrRiddle Tutorial Steps 1-23 from MrBeastRiddle

Mr. Monster also announced that the champion of the challenge would meet up with him as well as his team to invest the $100,000 in one of his coming videos. Make certain to register for his network to see exactly how they invest their recently made profits.

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