All Calories Aren’t Created Equal: A Diet Myth

A calorie is a calorie no matter where it’s from – right? Wrong! All calories aren’t created equal…

All calories ARE NOT created equal.

A calorie from a cherry donut and a calorie from an avocado is nowhere near the same, and a “calorie deficit” isn’t the definitive answer to weight loss.

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First, you must think, how are calories found?

Scientists find calories by burning up smalls amounts of different foods in a little furnace and the escaping heat is measured to determine the calories in the food.

Therefore, the calories shown for a given food have nothing to do with how the food is metabolized in the human body.


Why is that?

Because we don’t burn the food we eat… WE DIGEST IT.

The calorie was only invented for scientists to communicate about the heat energy in food. It has zero to do with how healthy a given food is, or whether that food will help you lose weight.

No meaningful research has ever shown that a calorie from cake is the same as a calorie from an avocado or artichoke.

So what makes more sense?

Avoid eating a large number of foods that have a long list of ingredients on the box – if it has more than one or two ingredients (or isn’t a raw food) definitely think twice about what you’re about to put into your body.

Remember, a 200-calorie glazed donut isn’t going to pack the same nutritional punch as 200 calories of kiwi.

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