Adopt These 6 Simple Everyday Habits For A Healthier Life

Adulting isn’t always easy. Sure, now you can eat ice cream for dinner and stay up all night binge-watching shows on Netflix, but do you (or your body) really want that? Despite the bad rep it gets for being impossible to achieve, healthy living is actually surprisingly easy. Follow these everyday habits and you’ll be living your best life in no time.

1. Stay Hydrated


Humans are pretty much made of water, right? If you’re not sipping your recommended eight, 8-ounce daily glasses of water, you’re not going to feel your best — that’s a fact. Staying hydrated is naturally going to boost your mood and your overall health, plus it’s going to keep you alive, which is pretty nice.

It’s no secret that water isn’t the tastiest beverage option out there. If you find yourself struggling to get through a glass, try giving lemon water a try.

Alternatively, seltzer is a good option as well – it’ll keep you hydrated, and the mild flavors and sparkly bubbles add some much-needed excitement to classic H20. Pro tip: seltzer can also be a great tool at parties when you don’t feel like boozing but you don’t want to socialize empty-handed!

2. Drink Less Alcohol

Studies have shown that millennials aren’t as keen on spending their evenings blacking out as their parents may have been in their heydays. These days, people are realizing that alcohol can be seriously destructive to your well-being — both mentally and physically.

How much you drink (or if you drink at all) is a personal choice. However, if you’re constantly feeling the burn from last night’s outing, it may be time to take a break. If booze is ingrained in your lifestyle, the transition can be tough. Try to focus on the benefits.

Sober hangouts don’t (usually) lead to next-day regrets and headaches, and your kidneys will thank you. Sobriety can make a huge difference if you suffer from anxiety, too.

Even if you’re not ready to give up bottomless brunch entirely, try not to make it your go-to weekend activity. Instead of dropping next month’s rent at the bar, plan a trip with some friends or do something you’ve been putting off. Moderation doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun!

3. Eat One Healthy Meal Daily


Sometimes you just want to eat food that may not be the best for you. Everyone gets the urge to crush large amounts of salty, crunchy, greasy food from time to time. While a diet overhaul is obviously the best solution, that’s usually easier said than done.

Instead, make the choice to eat (at least) one healthy meal every day. Over time, you’ll start to feel more comfortable with healthy foods, and you may even learn to love them. The trick is to make small changes. Instead of a burger, have a salad. Instead of a soda, grab a seltzer. Instead of slamming an energy drink before work, opt for a cup of coffee or tea.

These types of small dietary changes may not seem like a big deal, but it’s all about embracing new habits that turn into ongoing lifestyle choices.

4. Don’t Take Social Media Too Seriously

Social media can be a positive thing, but like anything, too much can be detrimental to your happiness. If you find yourself comparing your life to millionaire influencers (or that friend who’s perpetually on vacation), you’re probably going to feel bitter and jealous.

That’s not your fault,  it’s just human nature, but those negative feelings are bad for you.

If you feel like you’re phone is causing intrusive thoughts, take a step back. Again, there’s nothing wrong with staying connected with your friends. In fact, social media can be a very positive tool in many ways. Just try to recognize when too much is becoming too much.

Less screen time and more face-to-face time is always a good thing.

5. Make Human Connections


Your mental and physical health affect each other. Humans are social creatures, and interacting with your besties on the regular naturally makes you a happier, more fulfilled person.

No, liking someone’s social media post doesn’t count as social interaction. Hanging out with friends is free therapy for everyone involved. Never underestimate the power of eye contact and a smile.

6. Sweat A Little

Regular exercise is awesome for both your physical and your mental health. Even just a little bit of running causes your body to produce mood-boosting endorphins, not to mention the obvious physical benefits.

Besides the fact that getting in shape helps you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, you’ll feel proud of doing something positive for yourself.

Change Takes Time


Try not to be too hard on yourself. Developing lasting habits takes time, effort, and repetition. Start small, and then do it again. And again. And again. Eventually, each new activity will become second nature. You deserve to feel amazing! Remind yourself of that and remember that your absolute best life is waiting right around the corner.

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