A Healthier Alternative For Storebought Crackers: Easier Than You Think

A healthier alternative to wheat thin crackers could be crackers that you’ve made yourself, fruit/veggie chips, or substituting crackers for another healthy snack.

Homemade Crackers

You should definitely try making your very own crispy, crunchy, and seed-topped crackers. They’re surprisingly easy to make and usually take only a handful of basic ingredients.

Homemade crackers may seem like they’re a lot more effort than they’re worth, especially when you can run to the store in a few minutes and grab a box…

However, you can make the crackers in large batches, without all the added ingredients (that may not be very healthy), and help protect the planet by keeping the trash to a minimum (all that packaging isn’t helping anyone!).

Bonus: You get to make them whatever flavor you’d like!

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Fruit Chip Recipes

Classic chips are nowhere near as healthy as they should be, so choosing fruit or veggie chips is a viable option.

Fruit chips are a little sweeter than veggie chips and taste phenomenal with light, sugary dips. Veggie chips, on the other hand, will be better for saltier dips like queso, salsa, and other similar creations.

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Throwing Out The Idea Of Storebought Crackers Altogether

An excerpt from: Unhealthy Eating: 5 Foods You Thought Were Good For You | Chief Health

The problem with ‘Heart-Healthy’ Whole Grains…

Whole wheat products aren’t really made from whole wheat. The grains have been pulverized into a very fine flour, leading them to raise blood sugar just as fast as their refined counterparts.

In fact, whole wheat bread can have a similar glycemic index as white bread.

In the past, whole wheat was much healthier and wasn’t heavily genetically modified like it is today. Around 1960, scientists tampered with the genes in wheat to increase the yield for a growing population.

Choosing Better Storebought Options

Not everyone will have the time to prepare their own chips, so if you must head to the grocery store, choose one of these healthier options.

Nabisco Triscuit Baked Whole Grain Wheat Original

Kellogg’s Special K Sea Salt Cracker Chips

Special K Sea Salt Quinoa Crackers

Wasa Crispbread Fiber

Annies Whole Wheat Bunnies

Carr’s Table Water Crackers

Back To Nature Spinach & Roasted Garlic Crackers

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