A Guide To The Eating Habits Of Your Pet Horse

Having horses as pets is different from having dogs or cats. There are certain convenient factors with cats and dogs. You do not have to about their eating habit. Dogs mostly eat packaged dog foods, milk, and biscuits. Cats also do the same. Continue reading to learn more about the eating habits of your pet horse…

Additionally, dogs and cats are fond of meat and fish. We also understand the quantity that they would eat quite easily. But, you would face a lot of difficulties in these matters with your pet horses. You need to understand the eating habit of pet horses properly. Otherwise, you shall face difficulty in nurturing them properly.

Not delivering the right foods to the horses is a grave concern, as it could affect the health condition of your horses. When a horse undergoes extensive training process, it obviously needs good food for producing physical energy. So, understanding its eating habit or behavior is important or crucial. Here are the things that horses generally love to eat.

A Guide To The Eating Habits Of Your Pet Horse

Hay for Your Horse

Hay is a commonly known food for the horses, and this is the favorite foods for them. Hay is generally sold in bales, and each bale consists of 14 to 16 flakes of the bale. It could also be found to be sold in pallet or cube form.

You would end up finding different other sorts of hays for the horses. For example, you could find healthy oats based hay. You could also find hays, like alfalfa, orchard, Bermuda, etc.

All these options come with a unique combination of bale flakes. Overall, this type of food is just perfect for your pet horses. They shall love eating and gazing these things. To know more, you can visit TVG.

Food Concentrates

A mixture of different food grains would also make perfect meals for your horses. The mixture should consist of corn, barley, and oats. These are prepackaged foods, and they come into different packages.

Different packages have different ratios of the grains mixed together. Mixing of grains in different ratios is important to be fed to the horses to different ages.

There are packages for old horses, and there are packages for young horses. You need to purchase the product as per the age is written on the package.

A Guide To The Eating Habits Of Your Pet Horse

Water and Treats

Treats are the third kinds of foods that your horses need for staying healthy, strong and energetic. Treats are basically combinations of apples, oranges, carrots, etc.

Some other treats are watermelon, banana, coconut, cherry, berries, Mangoes, Beetroots, celery, etc. Along with the treats, you need to supply adequate water for your horses.

A young horse, which is undergoing a training process, needs around 12 gallons of fresh water. The water should be clean and suitable for drinking. Horses never drink dirty or muddy water. So, be careful of the supply of water to your horse.

Amount and Frequency of Food

For 100 pounds of weight, a horse needs 2 to 2.5 pounds of feeds. So, an average 1000 pounds horse would require food weighing to 20 to 25 lb on a daily basis. Relative to their body size, horses have a small stomach. Thus, they need a frequent food supply.

To get more information about the eating habits of horses, you can check out our upcoming blogs.

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