9 Outstanding Changes That Happen When You Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone talks about what it takes to become healthier, but rarely ever talks about what it’s like to be healthier. Workouts are enjoyable, cooking is pleasing, and you look better than you ever have. What else? Read on to learn what happens when you choose a healthy lifestyle…


1. Exercise becomes enjoyable.

The first forty-five days of exercise pushed you to your limits and helped set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. You have learned what you love and no longer dread going to the gym because it makes you feel great.

2. You become a master at reading food labels.

You know exactly what you’re looking for and where to find it. Your eyes are like nutrition-seeking lasers. You’re a label master, but you’re so humble that you might not admit it.

3. Meal planning becomes effortless.

In the beginning, meal planning was a daunting task that made you want to go back to fast food. Then, you learned how convenient, and simple, it is to know what your next meal is going to be.


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4. You become a better cook.

You started with chicken and rice, and now you are making Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles. You’ve added recipes and ideas to your mental cookbook and know what spices add the flavors you need.

5. Weight loss and greater amounts of energy.

The diet and the exercise have shaved pounds off your waist and you wake up each morning ready to attack the new day. You are performing better at work, and people are talking about your progress.

6. Your skin and appearance change for the better.

Eating clean, whole foods has made your skin clear and smooth. Your hair is thick and shiny, and your eyes are bright.


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7. Preparing food becomes entertaining.

Remember when cooking took you an hour and you had no idea what you were doing? Now, preparing your food is fun and you can play your favorite tunes on full blast without forgetting the next step.

8. The grocery store is your second home.

You make frequent trips to the grocery store and know the shop layout like the back of your hand. Picking out the ingredients for a chopped salad is easy and more satisfying than standing in the frozen entree aisle.

9. Create less waste.

Most of your food isn’t processed junk in multiple-layered packages. You no longer have to take out the trash every other night.

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