9 Nutrients For A Stronger Immune System

The immune system is your body’s defense system. Your body becomes more susceptible to disease when your immune system is compromised. Read more about these 9 nutrients for a stronger immune system…


Your diet can make or break your immune system. Processed foods and junk with empty calories will create toxic free radicals that will damage your cells. Strengthen your immune system by providing the proper nutrients. Age and diminished appetite can also affect your immune system, so consider taking a supplement to get the right vitamin and minerals.

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps support a healthy immune system by offering ascorbic acid which fights bacteria until their death. It also functions as a free-radical fighting antioxidant and creates stronger bone tissue. (1)

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s promote strong cell membranes, reduce inflammation, and even reduce body fat. Your body isn’t able to make essential fatty acids itself, so they must come from diet. As an added bonus, omega-3s can slow down the aging process. (2)

3. Magnesium

Magnesium reduces the risk of infection by aiding in the regulation of the immune system. Magnesium can also help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases. (3)

4. Vitamin E

A vitamin E deficiency can lead to a lowered immune system. You should consider taking a supplement if your immune system is already weakened, but most people can get their daily recommended amount of vitamin E from a serving of almonds. Vitamin E is essential for older aged individuals. (4)

5. Vitamin D

Most vitamin D is from the sun, but you can still get a good amount through diet. Vitamin D helps combat depression and makes germ-fighting proteins. People who are deficient in vitamin D may also increase the risk of an autoimmune disease. (5)

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6. B-Vitamins

Receiving the proper levels of B-vitamins promotes optimal brain function, healthy antibodies, and T-cells. They also help our bodies convert food into fuel. (6)

7. Carotenoids

Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A and helps enhance immune cell function and other carotenoids may help prevent cancer. However, vitamin A is toxic at high levels. (7)

8. Zinc

Zinc deficiency can impair cellular activity and increase the amount of time you are sick. Zinc paired with vitamin C can reduce incidences of pneumonia, malaria, and diarrhea infections. (8)

9. Selenium

Selenium is a potent nutritional antioxidant that regulates your immune system and keeps it functioning efficiently. This nutrient can also reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. (9)

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