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8 Tips To Help Get Your Children To Eat Healthier

Switching from processed, junk foods to clean, whole foods is tough, but don’t forget about the children! With time, you can get the most hesitant family members to eat healthy too. Enjoy these 8 tips to help get your children to eat healthier…

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1. Make it fun.

Finger foods go a long way with children. Dice up fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces or cut them into fun shapes.

2. Don’t force your child to sit at the table until they’ve eaten everything.

Presenting food as punishment can actually make pickier eaters. Focus on positive conversation and reinforcement about healthy foods.


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3. Make sure the new foods look appetizing.

Cut fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew into balls. Make long ribbons with apples, pears, and zucchini.

4. Set rational goals.

Your child isn’t going to become a clean eating “foodie” overnight. Allow time for the change, and try to pack healthy snacks when you do things.


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5. Give them a little control.

Don’t let them decide exactly what’s being had for dinner but offer them choices. Steamed carrots or broccoli tonight? Baked chicken or pan-seared fish? Giving them options will help them feel more involved with meals.

6. Have a variety of clean, whole foods.

Up until age 15, your children will watch everything you do, and then they will start acting how you do. Set a good example by eating healthy foods in front of them and living a healthy lifestyle.


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7. Remember children naturally eat smaller portions.

Start off small when getting your children to eat healthier. Give them just a teaspoon of fruits, vegetables, or whatever you’ve prepared. They will learn to like the healthy foods.

8. Don’t reward with dessert.

Rewarding a positive action with dessert or sweets is only reinforcing the bad habits you are trying to get away from.

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