8 Steps To Setting Up The Perfect At-Home Workout Environment

Finding time to hit the gym after a long day at work can be tricky. Especially if the said gym is miles away from your house.

You will find so many excuses not to go and, in the end, all the money spent on memberships will be wasted.

Why not create a workout place at your own house?

This way you won’t have the excuse of being too tired to drive to the gym, or having so much stuff to do that you won’t make it. And while the atmosphere in an actual gym can be really motivating it can also be very competitive and intimidating which can put unnecessary pressure on you.

That’s why creating an at-home gym can bring you so many benefits – from choosing when you want to exercise to how hard.

Here are the 8 steps that can help you set up an ideal workout environment in your home…

Set The Budget

Setting up a gym can be pretty expensive and at the same time, it doesn’t have to be.

Keep in mind that if you want to equip your gym with the top-notch equipment and accessories you will have to spend a hefty amount of money. However, your at-home gym doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

You can find inexpensive or second-hand accessories and equipment and still make a completely functioning gym. Start by setting up the basics and over time your gym will evolve with the purchase of new equipment and accessories.

This is one of the reasons why your budget doesn’t have to be huge in the beginning.

Choose The Right Room

The next thing to do is to pick a room in your house that will serve as your personal workout space. The requirements for making any room a gym space are few but they should all be met.

First, think about all the equipment you want to add to your gym, then decide if the room you want to designate as your gym room has enough space to fit all the equipment and still have enough room to move around it.

Second, is the ceiling high enough? Can you jump without hitting your head? This is another thing to have in mind when choosing the space for the at-home gym.

Next on the list are the temperature and humidity. One of the most important things to consider when setting up a home gym is the temperature. The temperature in the gym must always be cool because during the workout your body temperature rises and if the room temperature isn’t right you risk suffering a stroke.

The air in the room must be cool and you can achieve this by purchasing air cooling devices that will keep the temperature in the room always on the optimal and comfortable levels.

Getting rid of humidity is another important element as it can cause serious health problems. Basement rooms are known to have a lot of humidity that’s why if you’re planning to set your workout space in the basement you must invest in a dehumidifier device. This device will absorb the excess humidity and leave the air dry and appropriate for the gym space.

If your home doesn’t have a lot of space you can still make a workout corner in your home. Store your equipment and accessories in a closet or hang them – use the vertical space of your home wisely. You can also store your workout things under the coffee table or bed in order to keep them out of sight and have your space clean and clutter-free.

Wall Mirrors

You know that most commercial gyms have mirrors placed on almost every wall. Having mirrors placed on the walls can be of great help when you’re trying to improve your form and posture.

Another reason why mirrors are a good idea is due to the fact that they make any room feel bigger and brighter. The point here is not to have mirrors on all four walls of your room but to decide where they would be most effective as they can help you a lot while exercising.

Plus, mirrors can be very practical as it is easier to clean a mirror than to paint a wall every now and again.

Appropriate Flooring

Having the appropriate flooring in your workout space is crucial for many different reasons. Good flooring means that you won’t hurt yourself in case you fall during a workout, it also means that your knees won’t hurt and, in turn, your back won’t be sore.

Some types of mats such as rubber tiles, available at stores like Mat Shop, are ideal for any gym. These tiles are a popular option when it comes to gym flooring and for a good reason. They are extremely durable and easy to install, plus they are an incredibly affordable solution.

Other, equally good solution, includes foam tiles which are extremely comfortable for yoga and pilates, and other exercises that are done mostly on the floor. This type of floor is cheap and easy to install and is shock resistant so you won’t have to worry about dents.

So, if you are setting up a gym, think about the flooring. Consider your options and the types of exercises you’ll be doing in your gym. Based on all of this you can choose the right kind of flooring for your at-home workout space.

Necessary Equipment & Accessories

When you’re only starting to fill your at-home gym with equipment and accessories make sure you’re not overdoing it. Start with essentials only, and over time your collection will grow for sure.

Necessary workout equipment, in the beginning, includes only a couple of dumbbells, yoga mats, jump rope, and a medicine ball to name a few. All of these don’t cost that much and are pretty much enough.

Later, you can add cardio machines such as a treadmill, spin bike, stair mill, and other machines.

These machines don’t have to be brand new. You can buy second-hand machines that are in excellent shape – it will save you tons of money.

Our best advice is to start small and get all the additional equipment later.

Storage Space

Don’t leave all the equipment and accessories lying around on the floor, not only it’s unsightly but it will discourage you to enter your personal gym the next day. Having to clean up before every workout is not something you would want to do.

Keeping your gym clean and clutter-free is always a good idea. Invest in storage units such as drawers, racks, and shelves. Any idea for at-home gym organization is a good idea.

Just keep your mats and dumbbells off the floor and not only will you have more floor space but it will be easier to clean and to find things when you need them.


When setting up a workout space in your house, it’s not about the equipment you have or don’t have, it’s the atmosphere you create. The right atmosphere is what will inspire you to go back to your gym every day.

Imagine the kind of gym that you’d want to go back to and recreate it. Make your gym a bright space, paint the walls with inviting and fun colors and install some good speakers.

Music is a big part of working out process as it can be motivational and it can put you in a better mood. So, it’s only natural to play the music that will set the tone of each workout!

Have Fun

The only actually important element when setting up your at-home workout space is to have fun! Create a room you’ll want to workout in.

Don’t over-think your decisions, do what you like and what feels right to you – in the end, it’s you who’ll be using this space the most. If you like something, then do it.


Creating an ideal workout space in your own house can have many different benefits. It can inspire you to work out more without many excuses. Give your creativity an outlet – create a room in your house you’ll like to spend time in.

Keep in mind that at first, it’s better to invest more in some technical details such as good flooring or to resolve humidity issues, rather than to spend all your money on unnecessary equipment and accessories.

Moreover, don’t buy brand new equipment that costs a pretty penny when you can get second-hand equipment in excellent shape for much less.

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