8 Steps To Healthy, Clear Skin (No More Products)

Oftentimes, you don’t need those really expensive skin creams. You just need a change in diet. Follow these 8 steps to healthy, clear skin, and say goodbye to all those products that burn a hole in your pocket!


1. Start your day with lemon water.

Drinking a glass of water after you wake up makes you more refreshed, gives you more natural energy, and can be a step towards healthier skin. Remember, one glass in the morning isn’t the cure-all. You should continue to drink water throughout the day.

2. Eat seeds and nuts.

Seeds and nuts are packed with vital nutrients to promote the regeneration of skin cells and fight off bacteria that may lead to acne. Throw them in your salad or stir fry if you aren’t a fan of munching on nuts. Both are best for you when eaten raw and unsalted.

3. Replace refined grains with whole grains.

Refined grains should be avoided at all cost when you’re trying to clear up your skin (or live a healthy, long-lasting life). Foods like white bread, processed breakfast cereals, white rice, pretzels, potato chips, cakes, cookies, etc. trigger hormonal fluctuations and inflammation. Whole grain is a lot healthier and still tastes wonderful.


4. Eat fatty fish.

Oily fish like salmon or tuna provide your body with biotin and omega-3 fatty acids, which fight inflammation in the body. Inflammation produces free radicals, and free radicals contribute to aging by attacking collagen. Fatty fish is also important for brain and heart health, so you should be eating them anyway.

5. Add pulses to your diet.

Pulses are high in protein, high in zinc, and low in sugar (which is exactly what you need). The zinc found in pulses aids in evening out oil production – if your skin is too oily, zinc will reduce the amount of oil produced. They lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, are filled with fiber, reduce cholesterol, and contribute to healthy bones and teeth.


6. Cut out sugar and pastries.

‘Sugar face’ is a real thing. Sugar has a toxic effect on the body, and giving it up can make you look ten years younger. Sugar weakens the immune system, which leads to bacteria clogging pores and creating pimples. Sugary fruits aren’t the answer either, but that doesn’t mean you should remove them from your diet completely. Eat fruits that are lower on the glycemic index, such as blueberries, kiwi, and blackberries.

7. Eat vegetables.

Eating 3 to 5 portions of vegetables each day creates powerful benefits for your body. Vegetables reduce cellular damage and normalize skin cell development and skin tone. Red, orange, and yellow vegetables all contain carotenoids that can help slow down the aging process by providing protection from free radicals and toxins.

8. Delete dairy.

Dairy products may stimulate oil glands in the skin, which set the stage for acne. Stop eating dairy. No cheese, no milk, and no ice cream. It’s a bummer that dairy is so bad, but if you want healthier skin, it must go. Your dermatologist won’t be the one to tell you this, but we will (and a holistic doctor would probably agree with us).

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