8 Simple Changes To Achieve Mental Clarity

It’s time to clear your mind and figure out what you really want out of your day and out of your life. Learn these 8 simple changes to achieve mental clarity…

With the stresses of work, deadlines, managing family life, and ever-changing schedules, it’s no surprise that your mind is a little bit foggy.

Society rewards you for your hustle and “grind mentality” by labeling you as a hard worker. However, your mental health suffers from a mind that never stops moving.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like that. Implementing simple routines will bring you mental clarity that will improve your well-being and life.

1. Put Your Thoughts On Paper

Whether you prefer writing with a pen and paper or typing notes on your computer, every once in a while, try to get out all of the things you’re thinking about.

Write about everything swirling around in your mind for fifteen minutes a day—you can even set a timer if it helps.

This is a great practice for any anxious thoughts that are clouding your judgment. Sometimes the easiest way to clear your mind is to empty it.

Consider purchasing a journal that fits your style and writing daily to examine your thoughts and feelings. Getting your thoughts down on paper allows you to examine your thinking patterns in a real way.

2. Develop A Mindfulness Practice

It’s hard to remain present when you’re focused on the past and worried about the future. Put your phone away and train your brain to remain in the present moment as it is the only time you can control.

Developing a mindfulness practice is not only great for creating mental clarity but is great for your health. Mindfulness practice can be whatever works for you, be it deep breathing exercises or guided meditations.

3. Try Taking B12 Vitamins

Research shows that almost 40% of Americans have a B12 vitamin deficiency which causes fatigue, mental fogginess, and memory difficulties. Getting a blood test by your doctor is the best way to see if you could benefit from a B12 vitamin to help you achieve mental clarity.

4. Do One Thing At A Time

We like to think we’re great at multitasking, but the truth is we’re not. Focus on one thing at a time to help with completing your to-do list and managing any stress that may arise from not meeting deadlines.

5. Start An Exercise Routine

Running, yoga, kickboxing or simply walking outdoors for 20 minutes daily has a huge impact on clearing your mind. If you struggle to create your own exercise routine, personal training might be a better option.

6. Eliminate The Stressors At Home

With technology surrounding you at all times, it may seem impossible to avoid distractions. Consider installing an app on your phone that reminds you when to put your phone away or on silent. Additionally, take care of broken, noisy appliances that need to be fixed. Consider scheduling repairs and decluttering spaces in your home that are unorganized.

7. Schedule A Break

Examine how you work during the day. If an hour break is needed for you to reach your full productivity while keeping a clear mind, consider scheduling breaks throughout your workday.

8. Sleep

We sleep for almost half our lives and it is one of the most important factors for your wellbeing. Ensure that you are sleeping between 7-8 hours per night and that your bedroom is free of any distractions.

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