8 Health Benefits Of Beets: Boosts Energy & Heart Health

Eating beets offer plenty of great benefits. They contain a rich variety of vitamins and minerals, can reduce inflammation, and protect your brain, eye, and digestive health.

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1. Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Beets contain a compound, called betaine, that inhibits inflammation – keeping your body free from dangerous invaders and constantly being ill. Many people have a diet that is filled with inflammatory foods, so beets make a perfect substitute. (1)

2. Supports Heart Health

The decrease in inflammation helps regulate the cardiovascular system by balancing cholesterol levels and reducing high blood pressure. Plus, beets contain nitrate compounds that are recommended for regular consumption in order to protect the heart. (2)

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3. Detoxifies The Blood

Beets are able to cleanse the blood of heavy metals, waste, and toxins because of a compound called glutathiones. Glutathiones are vital for detoxifying the liver and other digestive organs, and the fiber in beets aids in purging the digestive tract. (3)

4. Combats Cancer

Studies have found that beets can prevent lung, colon, and skin cancer since they contain betacyanins. The betacyanins prevent cell mutation caused by nitrate preservatives in meats. Researchers also discovered that beet juice and beet powder can slow tumor development. (4)

5. Prevents Aging

Beets detoxify the blood, cleanse the digestive tract, and contain high amounts of antioxidants that naturally slow aging. They help balance pH levels and alkalize the body.

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6. Boosts Energy Levels

The natural nitrates found in beets are superb for boosting energy and performance. Beets help the body recover from physical exercise and have been shown to increase athletic performance. (5, 6)

7. Maintains Healthy Sex Drive

Beets are believed to be a natural aphrodisiac by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs due to their high levels of boron and nitrates. Both of these compounds help control the generation of sex hormones. (7)

8. Reduce Macular Degeneration

Beetroots contain beta-carotene – an essential nutrient to slow or reduce macular degeneration in aging eyes. Beta-carotene is a strong form of vitamin A, which defends the eyes against the detrimental effects of free radicals.

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