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7 Ways To Tell If Your Clean Eating Lifestyle Is Working

By eating right you can expect both physical and mental changes over time. You might see drastic results sooner if your diet consists of heavily-processed foods. Enjoy these 7 ways to tell if your clean eating lifestyle is working…


1. Clearer Skin

You can literally eat your way to clear skin – no products required. Take a closer look at your meals. Are you getting the essential vitamins and minerals? Eating right naturally balances oils, diminishes blemishes, and decreases dry areas. You might even be slightly allergic to the food you’re consuming. Eating clean doesn’t stop at acne! It can also pre-mature aging and wrinkles.

2. Increased Energy

Processed, junk foods give a quick burst of energy with an even quicker crash. You are often left hungrier, irritable, and cloudy after eating highly processed foods. Whole foods offer lasting energy and can help detoxify your body of wastes and toxins. Try improving your eating habits for 30 days and see how you feel.


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3. Weight Loss

Everyone is trying to lose weight, and clean eating is key to achieving your weight loss goals. Weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise. Exercise might be how you drop a few pounds, however, diet is how you keep it off. Throw away sodas, candies, sugary pastries, and food with more than 20 ingredients on the nutrition label.

4. Stronger Muscles

A good diet is essential for proper muscle growth. It will speed up your recovery time, build stronger muscle fibers, and create lean muscle. Be sure your clean diet consists of lean proteins, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

5. Better Immune System

Phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals found in clean, whole foods will keep your immune system top notch. You may be able to avoid small colds, migraines, flu viruses, cancer, heart disease, and much more.


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6. Clearer Thinking

Studies actually show that junk food can actually hurt your brain and focus. Nutrients are essential for clear thinking and good brain health. Including fatty-fish in your diet can protect your brain from dementia and depression as you age.

7. Healthier Hair & Fingernails

Foods that inflame our cells ruin healthy collagen, keratin, and elastin that support healthy hair and nails. Oftentimes, your hair, skin, and nails are the first things that change when you choose a clean eating lifestyle. Vitamins A, B, C, & E promote a healthy scalp, cell repair, and can reduce follicle inflammation.

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