7 Tips To Reduce Daily Stress And Anxiety


1. Breathe

Feeling stressed? Deep-breathing exercises can help remove some of the tension you’re going through. Inhale through the nose and then breathe out slowly and silently through the mouth. Repeat as many times as you need to.

2. Make Friends

Relationships help stabilize our emotions and can help calm anxiety. The psychological and biological benefits are there, ranging from healthier brains to getting sick less.

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3. Avoid Unnatural Energy Boosts

Caffeine pills or prescription medications may help you stay alert and awake, but by putting your sleep aside you might crash and be more susceptible to stress. Kick junk food to the curb and focus on eating well to increase energy levels.

4. Avoid Alcohol For Relaxation

You may reduce stress temporarily by sipping on a cold one, but the long-term negative effects on health and well-being are right around the corner. Making alcohol your “go-to” stress reliever may create serious problems down the road.

5. Retake Control

Helplessness can leave you more stressed than ever. Seek out opportunities to expand your sense of control by creating a plan that you can apply in both your work and daily life.

6. Remain Active

By staying physically active in your daily life you can increase brain function. Physical activity directly reduces excess cortisol and can provide many direct benefits to many stress-related difficulties, such as obesity and metabolic disorders. Also, remove “comfort foods” from your diet as they can increase stress. (1)

7. Stop Looking For Shortcuts

Practice all of the steps above to relieve some of the existing stress in your life. Make some friends, remain active, retake control, make healthy choices and breathe because there is no way to completely remove stress from your life; although, your persistence will pay off.

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