7 Things To Do When You Have A Headache

Headaches are awful and can ruin any mood. Of course, a pain reliever might help dull the pain, but there are natural ways to remove headaches too. Learn more about the 7 things to do when you have a headache…


1. Drink Water

A wide range of different factors can cause a headache, but many of them are caused by dehydration. Drink one or two cups of water to try to rehydrate.

2. Eat Watermelon

If the cause of your headache actually is dehydration, eating watermelon, a water-rich fruit, can also help rehydrate your body.

3. Drink Coffee

Another cause of headaches is expanding blood vessels. Coffee can constrict these blood vessels and reduce inflammation to bring them back to normal size.

4. Eat Something Spicy

Cayenne and other peppers contain capsaicin, a molecular compound, which acts as a natural painkiller.

5. Take A Hot Shower

The heat will help relax tense muscles and may also alleviate the pain caused by a headache.

6. Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger is chiefly known as an anti-inflammatory agent and can settle your achy head.

7. Massage Temples

A scalp massage can help relieve symptoms of migraine headaches. You can even put peppermint oil on your fingers to promote blood flow.

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