7 Things You Should Do Before You Travel

Traveling can be a headache if you’re not prepared. Take a look at these 7 things you should do before you travel…

Rental cars, hotel accommodations, and airfare are the holy trinity of travel preparation. However, there is more to your trip than nailing down these few aspects of your vacation.

Make your travels smooth and headache-free by taking care of essential tasks like researching activities, managing your finances, and planning your journey. Be sure to accomplish the following 7 tasks before embarking on your next adventure:

1. Manage Your Cash Flow

Make it a plan to stop by your bank to grab additional cash and let them know that you’re traveling out of your usual area. The bank may turn off your card if they notice suspicious purchases in a different area of the country. Plus, you won’t want to search all over the city for an ATM after you get there.

If you’re traveling overseas, you will want to map out an ATM or currency exchange before you arrive in the country – just in case you don’t have any service. Most international airports have several, but if you’re flying private or to a smaller airport in a developing country, there might not be many options. In these cases, you may want to purchase local currency ahead of time.

2. Plan Your First Day

The first day of your trip is often lost to logistics, travel time, and unfamiliar surroundings. First, you’ll have to haul all your stuff to your resting place. Then, you’ll have to figure out exactly where you are, what attractions are nearby, and how to best use your time to have the most fun on your trip.

Planning ahead will help you make the most of that confusing first day. Stretching out your legs with a short walk to a local restaurant can help you shake off travel fatigue and relax from a stressful day from all the traveling. Search the location near you to find a rooftop lounge, a balcony with a choice view, or a heated pool for maximum relaxation.

3. Plan Your Last Day

The first day is essential to arriving at your destination without any hiccups, but the last day is also vitally important. Keep all the items you’ll need to make it back home in a separate pocket on your luggage so they don’t get mixed in with the rest of your stuff during the travels.

Missing your flight or checking out late can also be a harsh end to a fun trip if you’re not prepared to depart on time. Make sure you know when you need to leave and where you need to be to get home safely.

7 Things You Should Do Before You Travel

4. Pack Your Hands Free Device

There is one modern travel item that stands out among the rest: the wireless cell phone earpiece or any other Bluetooth device that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel.

Local laws governing cell phone use while driving may vary considerably. Packing your hands-free device will ensure that you make it to your destination without any unnecessary tickets or wrong turns.

5. Check The Weather

The weather is the single factor most likely to affect your trip positively or negatively – especially if you’re packed for the wrong occasion. Take a look at the weather forecast the day before you leave so you can switch out any clothes that clash with the local weather.

Is it going to be warm and rainy? Switch out the heavy coat for a light rain jacket and travel umbrella.

Is it going to be cold and overcast? You might want to get rid of the tank tops and swimsuits for a better jacket and some warm pants.

6. Search Out Your Hobbies At Your Destination

You never know where you will find the “best of” in any given endeavor. Melbourne, Australia is renowned for its rich coffee culture. Udaipur, India offers spectacular paths for cycling enthusiasts.

Do a little research on your favorite hobbies, activities that you may be pleasantly surprised with, and things you just can’t miss.

7. Find Local Entertainment Options

A quick search on google can help you find weekly and daily entertainment ideas for your trip. You can also check out other websites to find reviews, city “best-of” lists, and more.

It is best to check these from home, as you can purchase tickets in advance and check availability and seating from the comfort of your living room or office.

It always sucks when you leave something important behind, so check out this 100 item list of what to pack to help you remember everything you’ll need!

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