7 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a precious spice prized for its medical properties. Science is now confirming what people have instinctively known all along. Read more about the 7 health benefits of cinnamon…


1. Fights Oxidative Stress

Cinnamon is full of antioxidants that reduce free radical damage and slow the aging process. The polyphenols, phenolic acid, and flavonoids cinnamon contain work to fight disease formation as someone ages. (1)

2. Anti-Inflammatory

The antioxidants in cinnamon lower swelling and inflammation. Studies have found that cinnamon can help relieve muscle soreness, PMS pains, and other age-related symptoms of pain. (2) (3)

3. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Cinnamon supplementation could be considered an option to regulate blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol levels, and high triglyceride levels. (4)

4. Protects Brain Function & Defends Against Cognitive Decline

Cinnamon contains protective antioxidants that help defend the brain against degenerative neurological disorders, like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. (5)

5. Fights Infections & Viruses

In many cultures, cinnamon is used to naturally fight harmful infections in viruses. Cinnamon’s essential oils contain the immune boosting abilities that defend the body against illnesses.

6. Protects Dental Health

Cinnamon extract protects against bad breath, cavities, tooth decay, and mouth infections. Plus, its the essential oil is more potent than other plant extracts and acts as a natural anti-bacterial mouthwash. (6)

7. Help Prevent Or Cure Candida

Cinnamon can lower amounts of the yeast that causes Candida with its strong anti-fungal properties. Cinnamon naturally boosts immune health and fights inflammation. (7)

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