6 Ways Training Abs Improves Your Life

Every night you dream of having them: washboard abs. You suffer through long planks and endless sit-ups just to achieve the glorious six-pack. There is still plenty more at work even if you aren’t seeing the visual results just yet. Here they are…

1. Ninja-Like Moves

Core exercises and instability exercises can help you become agiler. A study published in the journal of Kinesiology found that men who did core exercises performed better on the hexagon agility test than those who did traditional body movements.

2. Stand Tall

Core training can help you stand up straight. A study in Isokinetics and Exercise Science found men who did three hour-long Pilates sessions a week for eight weeks saw significant improvement in postural stability test.

3. Achieve New Personal Records

A strong core gives you a solid platform from which you can lift more weight. Begin each of your heavy strength workouts with 10 minutes dedicated to core-training in order to increase the amount you lift.

4. No More Back Pain

Canadian research suggests that a core-training program can prevent and control lower-back pain. Try side planks, bird dogs, and curl-ups to start strengthening your core without sacrificing your back.

5. Balance Booster

A strong core helps keep your torso in a more stable position and can help you avoid injury. Your movements will become more efficient and you’ll perform better in sports or just doing chores around the house. Test of balance: Stand on one leg with your arms extended in front of you. If you last 60 seconds, you’ve passed.

6. Control Inflammation

Scientists review eight studies and found that core-intensive training could reduce inflammation markers by as much as 25 percent. This is close to the result you’d see from medicines that reduce levels of fats in the blood (statins). Core training may very well enhance recovery, well-being and general health.


    1. Chief Health: Yes, it’s worth it! Your body fat percentage has to go down as a whole, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your abs. Here’s a similar question that should answer your question: “I ate a lot of donuts this morning, is it even worth working out?” The answer is always yes!

  1. I actually like how you labeled and explained how improving your abs can do so much in your life. I honestly didn’t know it could to all of that . I could see if humans didn’t need these excersises , but in a way we do because it could make our lives that much easier because of how much improving abs can do. In a way this motivates me to focus on abs even more.

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